Why you should choose WordPress to create your website

You want to create a website for your business. You have also started to find out and compare different solutions. You may have read other articles on the internet explaining that WordPress is a good solution, but you have also seen other solutions that also seemed interesting.

wordpress website

So you are not sure that WordPress is the best solution for you. We will share with you some elements that will answer the question: “Why choose WordPress to create a website?”

You will see that WordPress has many advantages and can be suitable for all types of projects, and we can indeed choose WordPress in many cases. For this reason, the CMS (Content Management System) has 60% of the market. Of course, there are others like Drupal, Joomla or Magento.

A free tool

Choosing WordPress saves you a lot of money. Indeed, unlike many solutions on the market, WordPress turns out to be a very attractive solution financially.

First of all, many web agencies offer their website creation services. Normally, developers are responsible for creating your website from A to Z. As a result, the prices are particularly high since it requires a lot of time and skills in high demand on the market.

However, many projects do not specifically require the creation of a website developed entirely by hand. In many cases, a simple website made with tools designed to go faster without losing quality will be sufficient.

WordPress, unlike other solutions, is totally free. All you have to do is buy web hosting and a domain name (about 50€ in all if you take basic hosting), create your website (for free) and possibly add “plugins”to add features to your website that may be free or paid.To create your website, you will not have to pay anything to a platform: neither license nor subscription for solutions such as Shopify or Wix.

Choose WordPress for its large community

Choosing WordPress means choosing the most widely used CMS in the world. This way, you will find help easily if you encounter a problem. There is a lot of content to help you create a website with WordPress and manage all the features of your website.

For example, you can watch tutorials on YouTube. Many people will help you build your site, put content on it, and do whatever else you want.You will never be alone. Even if you encounter a bug, you can call on freelancers so that they can help you.

An easy-to-use CMS

Despite a rather complex image of the tool, it is relatively easy to navigate once you take WordPress in hand and have created the first website.Indeed, for beginners, WordPress can seem complex. Some sources on the internet will say that there are much easier solutions to use, and some may indeed be a little easier to learn, but have other disadvantages.

On the other hand, we would like to reassure you on one point. A lot of people think you have to know how to code to use WordPress. This is wrong. It can be interesting to know how to code if you want to modify certain specific elements, but it is absolutely not necessary to know how to code to create your site on WordPress.

To make a site more attractive, there are many free themes (or templates) with customization options. There are also premium themes that generally offer additional features for a few budgets.

Choosing WordPress for seo

Unlike other solutions, WordPress is designed to facilitate your natural referencing. Moreover, the CMS began by making itself known first to bloggers. The latter is more than sensitive to natural referencing since their goal is to appear in the best results of search engines, including the essential Google.

Today, plugins are specially designed to make your SEO work even easier, such as Yoast or Rank Math. You can then quickly write SEO-optimized content.

In addition, WordPress allows you to have a site that meets the latest Google recommendations. Indeed it is possible to apply responsive design to it (the content adapts to the size of the screen) or to integrate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages or accelerated mobile pages), for example.

WordPress adapts to all projects

As we have just mentioned, before choosing WordPress was a matter of blogging. Yet today, WordPress is far from being used only to create a blog.

On the contrary, it is even a more than complete CMS to carry out all types of projects. Websites like the White House, Sony Music, and Toyota use WordPress. And the examples are numerous.So you can use Woocommerce to create an online store. It is also possible to create a showcase site to present its services. You can even create a marketplace!

All projects are possible with this tool. Especially since there are an infinite number of plugins allowing you to add functionalities of all types to your website, and this gives you a lot of freedom.


We have selected five advantages of choosing WordPress to create your website. However, the tool offers many more advantages than that, but we cannot discuss all the elements that make WordPress one of the best solutions on the market for creating a website.