Get to know what is influencer marketing and different types of influencers

Widely used when it comes to improving the visibility of a brand or a company, influence marketing propels and promotes your business, whatever it is, to consumers.Whether it's improving your reputation on the internet, developing your influence strategies or even expanding your network, this is the technique you need to master at all costs.

influencer marketing

Our digital marketing experts offer you this article to enlighten you on the subject.

What's influencer marketing?

We use the term "influence marketing" to refer to the different techniques, recommendations and advice mobilized by influencers to promote a product or service. It is a question of assigning ambassadors who will have the task of promoting your brand (a distinction is to be made between ambassador and influencer).

Since its inception, influencer marketing has come a long way. Once based entirely on members of blogs and other forum communities, social networks did not have the same scope as today. The advent of the Web and the appearance of platforms that we all know (Facebook and Instagram, among others) have boosted marketing campaigns now carried out using influencers. They play a decisive role in the virality of certain content.

This makes it possible to provoke mass sales, especially since the new generation squats the various networks all day long and is therefore at the heart of the digital marketing campaign. But beyond social networks, it is crucial to position yourself well on the Web (compared to search engines). This also requires significant work on the SEO axis, which is just as essential!

Different types of influencers

As you can imagine, we do not call on just any influencer to carry out any advertising/marketing campaign. This is why it is advisable to refer to a classification or categorization system that makes it possible to list them according to different criteria, particularly the size of the community.

This last point is critical since it makes it possible to measure the person's impact and the extent of his network. Going back to our categories, we can find these:

  • Celebrities ;
  • Macro-influencers;
  • Micro-influencers;
  • Nano-influencers.

Be aware that involving celebrities (TV or music stars, for example) in your campaign can be costly. This is what the most prominent brands are doing to boost their sales, especially through their e-commerce sites.

Macro influencers are second only to celebrities, and they are generally personalities who have several million fans/followers/friends on social networks and who can therefore intervene in different areas. They can, through their community, exert pressure and give more visibility to your product/services.

Micro-influencers are a happy medium because you don't necessarily have to pay them as large a sum as celebrities or macro-influencers. At the same time, they don't benefit from such large communities, but theirs are more engaging.

Finally, nano-influencers have relatively small communities but have the advantage of having a high engagement rate. Therefore, their niches are busier, making it a category that companies are increasingly interested in.

What are the levers of influencer marketing

The levers are intended to facilitate the influence marketing process, and it is about different tools and techniques such as Buzzkit or content sponsorship.

The Buzzkit consists of sending your product to the influencer who will test it before presenting it to his community. The principle can be coupled with that of "unboxing" where the influencer can even share an unboxing video of their unboxing experience.

Sponsorship is another trick that allows you to highlight an article or a publication to extend its field of action and reach more people in terms of virality. Sponsored articles are excellent levers alongside product placement (especially in YouTube videos) or travel blogs. For the latter, travelers are unifiers of their communities. Therefore, they allow products to gain notoriety by including them in their stories/short films or even by offering free stays.

Finally, let's not forget to mention the takeover, allowing to give control of a company account, for example, to an influencer for a short period to fulfill a particular mission.

Hire an influencer marketing agency

There are many marketing techniques, including web series, events, giveaways, etc. It is important to also focus on the platforms that allow influencers to take action and submit their content to communicate to their audience. For this, influencer marketing agencies are champions in this field and are generally fine connoisseurs of the web environment.

Therefore, these agencies can take charge of the project from A to Z and offer you quality support without you needing to make the slightest effort except to communicate your desires and objectives to them. The content will therefore be adapted to your needs.

These agencies operate by leveraging their know-how in developing strategies and the links forged with an entire community of influencers. They, therefore, master the mechanisms and other constraints linked to such projects and are very active on the majority of social networks (especially Facebook and Instagram).

They allow you to spot influencers based on industry and audience quickly. They also ensure 360°communication, which can guarantee more efficiency and confidence throughout the procedure, which should bear fruit.