What Is True Caller

Truecaller is an application that offers a service that goes beyond the limitations of today's phonebook apps. It also guarantees that users have constant access to the information, people, and businesses they need. It allows you to search for contact information (by name or number), identify incoming calls, and block calls you don't want to receive - all without leaving the service. Many smartphone users are now using Truecaller to track down many spam calls they receive daily. So, have you ever been curious about how Truecaller works? How does it have access to so many phone numbers and caller ids?




Truecaller operates based on a give-and-take relationship. If you wish to call those unknown numbers, you'll have to give up your phone book connections. Now, everyone who has downloaded the program has given over his phone book.


The information is gathered from millions of people who downloaded the actual caller app on their phones. The authentic caller software requests access to the user's address book/contacts on the smartphone as part of the end-user agreement. The software subsequently uploads this information to the company's servers. The plot has to begin at the login screen.


If you've used Truecaller before, you may have noticed that the app can only be accessed through Facebook, Yahoo!, or Gmail. You won't be able to connect to the Truecaller database until you have one. This is because the most extensively used social networking sites, such as Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo!, contain many phone numbers and other contact information. You can learn more about this on TechiePlus. When you utilize one of the social media sites, your whole contact list, including phone numbers, contact names, and email addresses, is uploaded to a secure Truecaller server.


If you use your phone to log into the app, your entire address book will be transferred to the Truecaller servers. If you use your phone to log into the app, your complete address book will be transferred to the Truecaller servers. These will be sorted into records, with a Truecaller id provided to each number. When someone uses Truecaller to look up a phone number, the caller id linked with that number is displayed. If even one person uses the truecaller app out of all the individuals who know you and have your phone number stored against your name, your phone number and name will end up in the caller database.



  1. Allows you to locate a phone number's mobile phone location in a phone number search.
  2. The Truecaller application also has a 'Who viewed my profile feature. You can see who is looking at your phone number.
  3. You can find the caller from the phone number. Similar to reverse phone lookup It allows you to block spam numbers and submit them to the Truecaller database, marking them as spam so that others do not have to deal with them.




  1. The first disadvantage of truecaller is that ‘Caller ID does not work in all areas.
  2. Also, it requires an Internet connection for it to work.
  3. No guarantee of information security
  4. It infringes on privacy issues. Switching from Truecaller Contacts and Dialer to Default System Contacts and Dialer on a Redmi Phone
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Apps
  • Click on Manage apps
  • After that, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner
  • Open Default Apps
  • Tap on Dial
  • Make Contacts and dialer your default dialer and ‘disable Truecaller as your default dialer.

That’s it, and Truecaller will no longer be your default calling app. You'll see the old Caller ID UI with a floating window during incoming calls.