Husband Put A GPS Tracker In My Car (What Can I Do?)

Husband Put A GPSTracker In My Car

Did you know that filing for divorce from your husband might not mean you have completely gotten him out of your life? Ask any divorce and family law attorney and they will tell you from firsthand experience that filing for divorce from a cheating husband won’t stop him from potentially doing something reckless such as using a GPS device to track your car. In fact, many disgruntled husbands are now trying to be their own private investigator by using spouse GPS tracking devices to spy on their ex-partners. But is it illegal to track someone’s car? If you believe someone is using a real time GPS to spy on you, this article will tell you everything you need to know about protecting yourself from the devices to track vehicles!

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Can You Legally Track Your Spouse?

So the most common question among people who find real time GPS trackers on their cars is if you can legally track your spouse. The answer is yes and no. First of all, in all states, a person cannot put a tracker inside the car they do not own. However, there are some gray areas about placing a car tracking device on the outside of the automobile. This is the reason so many location tracking systems come with a magnetic case to equip the tracker under a spouse’s car.

But can a husband can put a tracker in his wife’s car if they are both the registered owners? In some states, a husband has to notify his wife (or ex-wife) if there is a tracker in the vehicle and get consent to track that vehicle. But at the same time, he can legally place any electronic tracking device to track his car to protect it from theft. Therefore, the reason he would give police why he used a GPS device to track his car would determine if his actions were legal or illegal.

What Is The Top GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse?

According to the security experts at GPS Tracking Review, the top overall GPS tracker with magnet that is used to catch a cheating spouse is a GPS device called SpaceHawk. SpaceHawk GPS tracking system was more popular than the SpyTec GL300, LandAirSea OBD2 port tracker, and other top sellers on Amazon because of the following 5 reasons:

  1. SpaceHawk GPS is less than $100
  2. The free tracking apps for iPhone & Android are easy to use
  3. The wireless tracker can easily be hidden outside someone’s car
  4. Location tracking updates are as fast as every 3 seconds
  5. The spouse GPS tracker is backed with free technical support for life

What To Do When There Is A Tracker On My Car

If you believe that someone placed a hidden car tracker to illegally spy on you the first thing you should do is call a local mechanic or installer to locate the tracking system. Before you reach out to law enforcement about your concerns, you will first need to confirm your suspicions by having the vehicle scanned inside and out for any wireless electronic tracking device that could be recording you. You can also purchase GPS detectors online for as little as $49. If you are successful at finding a tracking device you would then want to reach out to local police and have them assist you with investigating who purchased the device. That way you can find out if your husband is to blame and take legal action.