You Must Know This Before Heading Towards Any Offshore Software Development Company

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the software industry is becoming incredibly saturated with every passing day. With tech start-ups popping every now and then, researchers suggest that there will be over a million software companies all across the world in 10 years!

Offshore Software Development Company

Not only this but almost 50% of these businesses are tightly packed into American and Western Europe cities. More and more layers of stress. Competition is skyrocketing by leaps and bounds, operational costs are always climbing, and talent is getting repelled day by day.

Now, some thoughtful questions must surely be boggling in your mind, isn’t it? Don’t get the jitters, and take a deep breath because this piece of content got you covered.

In this piece of content, we will break it down and discuss offshore software development, its significance, and how you should manage your offshore software development team.

So without any further ado, let’s first get the basics out of the way.


What is Offshore Software Development?

When a company hires a dedicated software development team that is based elsewhere is called offshore software development, and if they open a new office, it is called an offshore development center in another country. They are permanent employees just like local employees, except that they are based somewhere else other than where the company is situated.

Let us consider an example over here to better understand this. IT giants we are all familiar with, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have established their R&D centers in Bangalore, AKA the Silicon Valley of Asia. The massive talent pool, lower operating costs,  and the opportunity to scale quickly permit them to increase their output and improve their technical expertise, without undue hassle, stress, and cost.


How Offshore Software Development is Different From Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is ideal, especially for short-term projects, where you need to develop an application without continual iterations and delivery. It provides favorable arbitrage but can probably be risky as the developers are not yours, and are juggling your project alongside a multitude of others for different clients.

The engineers do not belong to your organization, and as such, are not brought into your company’s values, culture, and long-term strategic goals. With offshoring, the developers are chosen by you and work particularly for your business. The right offshore partner will initiate recruitment on your behalf, assessing and screening candidates to match your requirements and then provide you with a selection of the cream of the crop, from which you make the final hiring decision.

On the flip side, offshoring is all about accessing skills and talents that you cannot find locally. It is a way of overcoming intense battles for top engineering talent within country premises where the major tech giants hoover up the very best developers - resulting in a fierce seller’s market.

The CEO and Co-founder of The Scalers, Emilien Coquard, jot down the following words:

“Offshoring used to be about finding a price you could not get at home. Today, it is about finding the skills and people you cannot get at home”


Who Should Choose Offshore Software Development?

One liner answer to this question is service-based companies whose core business is non-technical leverage offshore software development. This includes businesses that are experts in their respective industries but are not able to keep up with the ever-changing technology. This can be something as simple as transforming their existing website, or a complex project, for example developing a value-adding digital product for their customers.

However, they require several developers to keep up their competitive edge in this ever-evolving world. With local engineers costing well more than €50 per hour, offshoring is a neat solution where they can hire developers full-time at a fraction of the cost. The development teams they build can also assist in implementing new ideas further down the line.

At all other times, companies probably already have an in-house development team but are unable to scale up and sign bigger contracts. As a result, they are struggling but trying their best to increase the value of their business as well as business growth.

Hence a dedicated offshore team might be an ideal solution since new developers are very hard to find and are expensive as well.


How To Manage Your Offshore Software Development Team?

Once you are familiar with all the groundwork, the next step is to start building your offshore team with an offshore development company that is reliable. Your offshore partner will be responsible for recruitment, administration, and everything in between.

Keep the following points in mind to manage your offshore software development team:

Bridge the culture gap: Regardless of where the person is situated, or what is his role in the organization, the key is to foster a unified culture of belonging across both your teams.

Communicate effectively: It is crucial to foster an ecosystem in which effective communication becomes the utmost goal.


What is The Best Offshore Software Development Company?

There exist innumerable offshore software development companies all around the world. Zfort Group, N-iX, Your Team in India, Admios, Eleks, Hypernova Labs, MobiDev, Tech Exactly, and Codal, are to name a few.

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