Generate More Revenue With Gojek Clone App?

The powerfully built Gojek Clone app is a digital platform that offers multiple services. The services proposed on the app range from online taxi booking, parcel delivery, hiring delivery genie, and many more. All the services are made available on the app with a single click. The local vendors fulfill the service delivery requirements. To help you understand that better, let’s look at the workflow before moving on to discussing revenue generation methods.

Clone App


Workflow of the App

Here is how the app works in case the customer wants to order groceries:

  1. The customer selects the supermarket from where they want to order.
  2. Add all the items to the cart.
  3. Modify the order if required.
  4. Select the delivery time and the payment method.
  5. Place the order.
  6. The vendor accepts the request and starts to pack the order for delivery. Simultaneously, the app sends the request to the delivery drivers nearby the grocery vendor’s store.
  7. Once the delivery driver accepts the request, they pick up the order from the store and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

All this while, the customers can track the order through their Gojek Clone app.


Money-making with Gojek-like App

Making extra money and generous profits are the first goal for any on-demand multi-service app owner. Therefore, most entrepreneurs look for a solution like Gojek. Here, the app allows entrepreneurs to make profits through the business models plus earn extra income via the revenue models. Have a look at them:


Business Models


. Commission-based model

Entrepreneurs make more money based on commissions they earn on every single service. The entrepreneur decides the commission rates themselves, which means they can put a relevant percentage of commission on more than 82 services. Now, think about the profits you could make using the Gojek-like app.


. Membership subscription plans

This profit-making business model of the Gojek Clone works with subscription plans. The service providers purchase the subscription plans to start rendering their services without paying commissions every time. The subscriptions are time-validated, so the provider must renew them before expiration.


Revenue Generating Models


. In-app advertising

Third-party ads shown on the app’s home screen are in-app ads. These are usually Facebook or Google Ads that help the entrepreneurs to earn per click. For instance, if one click on the ad pays $5, how much would the entrepreneur make for 500 clicks per day? That would be $2500! In short, the entrepreneur can make an extra $2500 from the ads besides the commission or subscription purchases.


. Surcharges

A surcharge is an extra amount customers pay for requesting service during the odd times. The odd times can be peak hours of the day, holidays, heavy rains, and so on. The surcharge amount is calculated directly with the Gojek Clone invoice.


. Cancellation fee

The cancellation fee is charged if the customer cancels the booking right before the time. The entrepreneur decides the cancellation fee. Therefore, it goes straight into the entrepreneur’s account.

Now that you know how to make more money with the Gojek-like app, why don’t you launch the app for your business? It is possible to get your hands on the best on-demand multi-service app solution, get it white labeled, and pitch them in worldwide stores. How? Simply connect with the white-labeling firm and start your digital business today.



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