Graphic Design Is My Passion: Everything You Need to Know About the Meme


Memes are very popular. They have their specified lifecycle. The starting point of the lifecycle is subject specific tweets, quotes, or any content with lots of creativity and laughter.

Graphic design is my passion” . This meme started when a Tumbler user posted a cartoon frog with a background of cloudy gray sky. He was naive, thus he shared very poorly edited pictures, thus the audience didn’t mind and accepted it like a meme; the caption he put was “ Graphic design is my passion”.

graphic design is my passion

Did you know the post became viral and reproduced a bundle of memes? Now the captions are very same but several designers describe a bad design or poorly edited design as “Graphic Design Is My Passion”.

In this article, we’ve pen down top interesting Graphic design is my passion memes to show you how designers express their thoughts in creative ways.

Where did all these memes come from?

Graphic design is my passion- a very popular meme in the web design industry that has started since 2014 on Tumblr. This example was taken in response to a poor graphic design example. It is quite ironically befitted for very bad or blurred meme design.

The Meme is so famous that Tumbler has a dedicated page for this. The creator of this meme was Yungterra in July,2014, and surprisingly the phrase gained 342,000 notes in 2015 in the same medium; Like Tumbler. It was the biggest meme of the year.

Graphic Design is My Passion”: The famous meme; Brainchild of Yungterra in 2014.

In this meme designers also include crude moving graphics knowledge, paint associated versions, and word Art.

Till now we’ve talked about the “Graphic Design is My Passion”- the most ironic meme

But do you have any idea what memes are?

First you must understand what a “Meme”. The term” Meme” was taken from a book named “ The selfish Gene” by biologist Richard Dawkins. He theorized the meme and helped us to understand the method of preserving culture and concepts from different individuals with the help of communication like stories, giggles, and jokes.

Memes have the potential to go viral rapidly as they are worth sharing on social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook. Presently memes are a good way of entertainment with certain customs, and rules. But a meme mustn’t have a serious statement that hurts sentiments of people in any manner-but state a picture that reflects graphic design is my passion.

The actual graphic design is My Passion was a born to no return meme. The expression was utilized by virtual artist, and web designers to express their feelings. It is a funny joke for mediocre design.

Now the meme is implemented among many famous mediocre web designs out there. Creation of memes along with graphic design is really a creative job that needs enough time and money for execution. A meme design must be simple and straightforward.

Let’s Introduce 6 super viral Graphic design is my passion memes

1. The Original Frog

This is the actual meme by Yungteraa -the tumbler user. The meme went viral and it’s been very famous among the designer community.  Even designers reproduce a large number of memes from it.

2. The Rainbow Cat

Here the main character is a gray cat which is a vector placed on the rainbow background. It carried out the same message as the same phrase: graphic design is my passion.

3. The Emoji Guy

A tumblr user thought that the present emojis are pretty old, and that they need to be refreshed . Then they shared new emoji designed through tumblr. When all expressions are matched with characters, their final gesture really offers a funny look with complete settings. However, the creator was asked by Apple to recreate their emojis to make their post extremely eye-catching yet hilarious.

4. The Alien Face

Graphic design is my passion. Memes are very famous phrases which eventually became slogans  to treat a poor design sarcastically. Even it was famous among school goers to develop a design sense.  The younger adults just loved it because of the aliens ' face, they gradually developed interest over web designing and graphic designing.

5. G.O.A.T

The Significance of G.O.A.T is that some people put a goat on a mountain but anyhow they do not eliminate the background but after some time they’ve done some touch-up!

Designers used to make such kind of memes to convey the message “ ART OF Designing” Where they explain the basic difference between poorly executed design and a professionally made design.

6. Word Art

Almost 10-15 years ago , word art was really a very big thing. It eventually became obsolete. However, Word ART comes back to our life with GIFs. In GIFs, multiple characters are being used in phrases with the word Art. Designers use Word Art to experiment with font size and color to make GIFs more eye-catching, and compelling.

All these are very famous and tricky memes. Web design companies in India follow them to reproduce more memes to make them

viral sarcastically or to make their identity online because audiences enjoy
these kinds of odd In out designs pretty much!