How to Sync OneDrive to Dropbox [Simplest Way]


I use Dropbox frequently at home. At the Office, I use OneDrive instead because I don't want my stuff synced in my workspace if I am using Dropbox and there are also security concerns. Therefore, I use OneDrive synced by the time I get home and copy and paste it into my Dropbox folder. But now I want to find an easier way to avoid this extra step. Is there any idea?

Why Sync OneDrive to Dropbox?

As more and more business and personal users use cloud drives to store their data, many cloud brands have emerged in the cloud storage market. Among them, OneDrive (OneDrive for Business) and Dropbox (Dropbox Business) are the two most well-known cloud drives.

Dropbox is a typical cloud storage and file-sharing service. It is one of the first companies in the cloud storage industry. It boasts an avid fan base and excellent customer loyalty and is trusted by businesses around the world to store their valuable data. OneDrive, on the other hand, is provided by a full-spectrum service, Microsoft. Microsoft offers an operating system that has the world's largest installed user base. And OneDrive has a deep connection with all the Microsoft products.

Since both Dropbox and OneDrive offer lots of free storage and distinctive features, many users register cloud storage accounts with both to enjoy more and more free cloud storage and different useful features. Under the circumstances like these, you may need to sync OneDrive to Dropbox. for better using OneDrive and Dropbox at the same time.

Best Way to Sync OneDrive with Dropbox

It is worth mentioning that the most common way may take you a long time to complete all the steps like downloading and uploading files between OneDrive and Dropbox. For some reason, you are very likely to find an easy way to achieve OneDrive and Dropbox sync. There is no official tool to help you sync Dropbox to OneDrive or vice versa. Therefore, if you want to save time syncing OneDrive to Dropbox, you can follow the latest methods in this article to sync files directly and automatically between OneDrive and Dropbox.

sync onedrive

This simple method doesn’t require you to download or install anything on your local device. Instead, you just need a normal browser and an Internet connection, then you can use a professional web-based cloud file manager, MultCloud, to click one button and successfully sync files from OneDrive to Dropbox without costing extra time and energy.

MultCloud is a secure multiple cloud storage manager that supports more than 30 major cloud storage services, including Amazon S3, Wasabi, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, MEGA, FTP, etc. You can add all your clouds to MultCloud for free.

What’s more, MultCloud offers Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Team Transfer functions for you to transfer, sync, or backup your data between 30+ clouds in one well-designed interface. You could use the Cloud Sync function and follow the steps below to sync data from OneDrive to Dropbox now.

How to Sync OneDrive to Dropbox with MultCloud

Step 1. Sign up for MultCloud on the browser. Your Google/Facebook account is also supported to sign in to MultCloud.

Step 2. Click the “Add Cloud” button, then choose the icons of OneDrive and Dropbox to add them to MultCloud one by one in the pop-up window.

sync onedrive

Step 3. On the Cloud Sync page of MultCloud, click the left square to choose your OneDrive or files and folders of your OneDrive as the source. Then click the right square to choose your Dropbox or a folder of your Dropbox as the destination.

Step 4. Click the “Sync Now” button and MultCloud will sync OneDrive to Dropbox as soon as possible.

sync onedrive

As the most popular feature of MultCloud, Cloud Sync offers 10 excellent sync modes for you to design your OneDrive and Dropbox integration. You can click the “Options” button to choose the best cloud-to-cloud sync mode you need.

sync onedrive


Syncing OneDrive files to Dropbox could largely ease the way you work and live. And using MultCloud to achieve this may be your best choice due to its time-savingly operations and superfast sync speed. Besides, MultCloud offers 5 GB of free data traffic for every user to have a try with its unique cloud file transfer and sync features.