Guide to Acing Zoho Interview Questions

Did you get called for a Zoho interview? If yes, have you started preparing for the interview?

You must be thinking of what common Zoho Interview Questions you can expect. don’t worry, we are here with this guide.

Zoho Interview Questions

Zoho is one of the most applied companies in the country. Applying with thousands of others makes it even more important to stand out and perform better than everyone else. 

Even if you are simultaneously starting your Microsoft interview preparation, you will surely benefit from these tips.

Zoho preparation tips to help you ace the interviews

In this article, we will be looking at the elaborate structure of the interviews and help you devise a plan for your Zoho preparation accordingly. The article is divided into two sections as follows:

1.      Structure of the interview rounds.

2.      Nature of the questions.

3.      Tips to prepare better and answer the questions accurately.

We will discuss the interview rounds and the types of questions asked in there simultaneously. After each explanation, there will be a tip on how to pass the round.

Interview rounds and how to perform:

The interview rounds are divided into 5 elaborate rounds. In this section, we will be looking at each one of them individually. Each round assesses the different abilities and skills of the candidates.

1.      The written test. 


This round became an online assessment due to the pandemic. This round is a 90 minutes MCQ-based test to assess your skills, aptitude, and knowledge.

Nature of the questions:

The questions asked in this test are based on general aptitude and topics like pointers, recursions, etc.

Tips to ace the round:

Make sure your basic concepts are very clear. This test may have small but tricky questions. Hence, you need to be very attentive while attempting it. This round is usually optional for experienced candidates.

2.      Basic programming assessment:


This round is usually a face-to-face interview where you are expected to solve questions based on topics like Java and C++. A laptop will be given to you if it is an in-person interview. If it is to be conducted via a video chat, you will be interviewed on the Zoho Meet application. You will be asked to share your screen and answer the questions.

Nature of the questions:

In this round, you will be asked to solve practical questions related to concepts like basic structures of data, loops, etc.

Tips to ace the Basic programming assessment round:

Practice coding for this round. Try mock tests and sample questions. Work on various projects to gain a better practical understanding of solving problems. Practicing frequently during your Zoho preparation will primarily help in 3 aspects. 

      The first one is speed. You will be able to solve problems faster with each attempt. 

      The second is accuracy. Practicing often will help you remember concepts better and improve your logical thinking as well.

      The third aspect is issue management. In case you encounter an issue while solving the problem, you will be able to find alternatives quickly because of the variety of questions you solve.

3.      Advanced programming:


This round is designed entirely to test your programming skills on an advanced level. It also aims at assessing your knowledge of various algorithms and their application. There will be one question with a time limit of 90 minutes. 

Nature of the questions:

You will be given an elaborate problem that will judge your speed, accuracy, and knowledge of data structures, advanced programming techniques, etc. 

Tips to ace the Advanced programming round :

Understand the question before starting. It will be easier if you first understand the question, analyze all possibilities, and then solve it. This will decrease your chances of being stuck or missing out on some important aspect of the question.

Answering meticulously is a lot more important than answering quickly. You are given 90 minutes. Utilize the time smartly. 

4.      HR round [technical]:


This round will judge your logical reasoning and situational analysis. It will also judge you on some technical grounds, but most of it is to see how you handle situations under pressure.

Nature of the questions:

In this round, you will be asked questions based on certain situations, and database concepts and some puzzles to test logical reasoning will also be given.

Tips to ace the HR round [technical] round:

Be fully prepared to challenge your mind. Whether or not you will be appearing for this round is based on how you performed in the previous rounds.

Practice situational questions by referring to online question sets. Try solving unrelated questions one after the other to improve your speed of recollection of information. Also, work on your analytical skills to analyze and smartly answer questions.

5.      HR round [General]:


It is usually the case that the candidates who make it to this round have passed all technical requirements and are almost accepted. However, you need to be very confident and aware of what you say in this round since this is a completely personal assessment. 

Nature of the questions:

You will be asked questions about yourself. Your work experience, your preferences, why it is important for you to be accepted at Zoho, etc. For this round, you are allowed to ask as many questions as you want about the company in general. 

Tips to ace the HR round [General]:

This is the last round. Be confident but not arrogant. Be yourself, and do not act fake. The company will want to hear your honest opinions and approaches. It is important to decide how much and what should be put forth. Also, the way you talk here is a huge factor that will either get you selected or rejected. Make sure to put your best foot ahead here.


These were some tips and information that will help you in your Zoho preparationWhile preparing for the interviews, consider the above points and put in efforts likewise.

Most of the tips regarding your preparation and presentation will help you even if you want to go for Microsoft interview preparation.

We hope this information helps you in your preparation and you get your hard-earned dream job!