Bitcoiva - What Is It? Is It Good Crypto-Currency Exchange Platform


One of the trending cryptocurrency exchange platforms is Bitcovia. Persons who are utilizing Bitcovia services are here referred to as “Users.” In this case, only legal and natural persons have the right to use Bitcovia with a valid, authorized account.


The user agreement terms and conditions are legally binding for your access. Due to this agreement of Bitcovia, users agree to be restricted by the terms and conditions. On the other hand, you may not be permitted to use this service if you are not at least 18 years old. If you are not comfortable with such terms and conditions, then don’t use or access the site.

In this article, we are going to discuss some factors of this crypto-currency exchange platform Bitcovia.

What Is Bitcovia?

Bitcovia is a bitcoin exchange platform for on-spot trading with cryptocurrency to fiat and cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency. On this platform, you can purchase cryptocurrency directly or cryptocurrency for fiat. On the other hand, a quick assets exchange service is also available.

Bitcovia is permitted to exchange popular cryptocurrencies and coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and so many others. Only INR or Indian rupees are in the part of fiats.

There is no investment program, but soon Bitcovia plans to launch a staking program. Each asset has several trade commissions, and also it depends on the trade volume. The average charge of the commissions is .24% for the taker and maker.

Advantages Of Crypto Exchange On Bitcovia

Below we have mentioned some advantages of crypto exchange on the Bitcovia platform.

  • The famous crypto exchange platform Bitcovia is famous for exchanging popular coins and cryptocurrencies.
  • There are no restrictions or significant limits while you are trading on this platform.
  • When you are going to start trading on Bitcovia you don’t have to submit any deposit fees, but you need to submit trading commissions that are on market value.
  • Bitcovia mainly offers a profitable referral program with some beneficial and useful bonuses.
  • On this platform, you will get a high level of the protected shield on your funds. Therefore hackers can’t easily access and steal your cryptocurrencies.
  • The interface of the Bitcovia website is simple and easy; therefore, anyone can easily pursue business on this platform.
  • Bitcovia can only be accessed on these two operating systems, which are iOS and android.
  • You can instantly purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies in terms of spot trading.
  • While you are using this platform, you can select a wide range of cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing.

Disadvantages Of Trading In Bitcovia

Below we have mentioned some of the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies.

  • If you want to exchange the Indian rupees, then these are represented as fiats.
  • You will not get any demos or be unable to access demo accounts for training. In this case, you have to gain knowledge by listening to the lectures of expert cryptocurrency traders for training.
  • The crypto exchange will be young. Otherwise, there is no place for detailed statistics.

Bitcoiva Review 2023

Below we have mentioned some top Bitcovia reviews 2023

A crypto trader Jamie Gerlach from Davao said in a review

“I’ve been trading here for two months. My total experience in cryptocurrency trading is over 5 years. I came to this exchange as soon as it was launched. Many colleagues did the same because the website is promising. At the moment, several dozen crypto-to-crypto pairs are traded, and the number of assets introduced is constantly growing. Trading volumes are also growing. On the technical side, there are no complaints. Deposits and withdrawals are fast; transactions are also carried out promptly. I trade actively every day, and there have never been any hiccups or bugs.

The exchange is young but keeps up appearances. The listing is open, which is also an advantage. A powerful increase in customers is felt due to a profitable referral program. I registered using the referral link because it gives a bonus depending on the volume of trades. Interestingly, the referral constantly gets extra payments. I’ve never seen anything like this. Separately, I’d like to note adequate technical support. I contacted it once and I was satisfied with the promptness and quality of the answers. There are no obvious disadvantages. The USD and EUR are missing, as there is only INR from fiat.”

Another crypto trader Wilber Orn from the city Brisbane is a professional trader wrote in a review,

“I’ve been trading cryptocurrency for almost 4 years and I am very glad that I accidentally found this young exchange. Of all the platforms that I know, Bitcoiva is the fastest and there are no bugs, freezes, or other technical problems at all, which is extremely important for trading.

There are no restrictions other than withdrawal limits, but even those are objectively large (2 per day is a lot). There is no dependence of the commission on the trading volume, but there is a dependence on the type of asset and the market. The availability of an integrated exchanger and service for direct purchase of cryptocurrency for fiat is a great plus. Indeed, There is only INR from fiat, but if you are actively trading on the interbank market, such exchanges are not a problem.

I am waiting for investment decisions, as they promise yummy interest. The referral program is excellent. It is non-standard for two reasons. First, the referral payments depend on the referral's trading volume within the last 30 days. Second, payments can raise to a ratio of 100%, which allows you to get significant profits. With active referrals, good passive earnings emerge.”

One of the most recent reviews of a novice trader from the city of New York once said,

“I came to the Bitcoiva exchange using a referral link because it is more profitable that way. Of the advantages for a novice trader, I'd like to note one of the lowest minimum deposits (only 0.0001 or equivalent) and there is no dependence of the commission on the trading volume. Commissions depend only on the asset. For most basic (such as BTC, ETH, LTC) fees are 0.25% for maker/taker. For exchange and peer-to-peer trading, the commissions and limits are beneficial but completely different.

Only standard accounts (no demo), but there are all the main options for deposits and withdrawals, including bank cards. At first blush, trading is comfortable. Another plus for novice traders is that the terminal is a standard TradingView. There are no differences from the regular version except for the modified visual. This means that a novice trader does not have to adapt anew if he has already traded somewhere else.

I don’t know how the exchange suits investors. They promise a staking program soon. I tried all the possibilities the exchange offers, and the exchange didn’t cast any doubts for me, although I didn’t find the license data. I will continue to trade here. I recommend the site.”


We have mentioned some of the interesting facts about bitcovia above in this article. Bitcovia is a young and active crypto exchange platform. Here you can easily trade crypto without any confusion. The most important thing is the platform’s interface is very easy and neatly organized.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about if you are looking for a profitable statement. The most important thing is Bitcoiva trading fees depend on the current market value.

Thank you for reading till the end. If you are looking for more such blogs, then keep an eye on our website.