Making Eye-Catching Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation

How To Make a Really Attractive Pitch-Deck?

Usually, it's not enough for a startup to find a promising idea and assemble a quality product. Much is decided by the presentation of the project to investors, known as a pitch session. Most of today's pitches are full-fledged performances with PowerPoint presentations.

As a rule, acquaintance with each person who is interested in your startup will definitely end with a request to send a pitch deck. This is the first step in the relationship between a startup and an investor, so it must be perfect. And the MasterBundles team has collected crucial recommendations for creating nice pitch decks — in the article, the reader will see both tips and examples of stylish templates.

Few words About Pitch Deck

Of course, having designer slides doesn't guarantee you an investment, but an unprofessional presentation will NOT help you achieve your own goals — so pay maximum attention to creating a worthwhile design or choosing an aesthetic ready-made template.

Before embarking on this, be sure to understand the goals that your pitch deck will fulfill. As a rule, the basic goals include: 

  1. First, the presentation is needed to show your startup, convey the main idea and convince the investor that you are worth believing in.
  2. Secondly, the presentation must be aimed at a specific audience. Is it made for investors? Show them why they are important to you and how you plan to spend their money. Is it made for a competition? Tell listeners why you are taking part in it and what victory will give you. Is it made for an accelerator? Explain the feasibility of your participation in their program.

And remember, viewing the pitch deck is the first acquaintance, where you only need to interest the target audience. And later you will have time to tell the interested investor personally more detailed information — so don't load the slides with too many details.

How Should An Ideal Pitch Deck Look Like?

Once you have figured out the goals of your pitch deck presentation, you can start creating a plan. It's a good idea to think about the slides you want before choosing a cool template from https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint so you know exactly what bundle to look for and what layouts you'll need.

The ideal pitch deck presentation should contain the following slides:

  • investment summary (concise information about the project and special offer for a potential investor);
  • the market for whom you want to create a product;
  • problem (any pitch starts with a description of the problem you are solving — no problem, no startup);
  • solution (briefly explain how your project can solve the problem and why it will do it better than competitors);
  • business model (tell them how you plan to earn money);
  • strategy (tell them about your future goals and the strategy that will bring you success);
  • milestones (show significant milestones in the development of the project).

You can also make several slides for traction and metrics, competitors, your team description, and current contacts.

Creating a Pitch Deck Presentation

And now let's move on to making the pitch deck itself. And even if you use ready-made templates from https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/pitch-deck/ tab, you still should learn professional advice:

  1. Design text blocks in the thesis form — no huge canvases of words! Of course, the information should be clear and detailed enough, but always make sure that the presentation is easy to understand. It is best not to put more than 50 words on one page on such slides.
  2. Use large and easy-to-read fonts — this will allow you to quickly perceive information.
  3. Choose templates with high contrast and useful visuals that also help your audience remember details better.
  4. When creating the “About the Team” slide, don’t add too many members, even if there are really plenty of them – try to highlight the main representatives that potential investors can contact later.
  5. Don't focus on pure statistics, but tell a story that allows listeners to feel why your business is solving a particular problem and how it will affect them.

And, importantly, choose a template that can be easily customized and changed, especially when it comes to colors. This will allow you to adapt the pitch deck to the conditions in which you will perform and demonstrate information.

Six Amazing Pitch Deck Templates

And finally, we come to the most interesting part of the post — an overview of attractive, worthwhile, and high-quality templates for pitch deck PowerPoint presentations. The designers have selected six great sets that readers might like. And if it's not enough, you can always look at our marketplace and find other suitable options with trendy designs & high customization.

Lubde – Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

The template contains 40 functional slides with different layouts — they will allow you to describe all the important points that we discussed in the article above! The set uses free web fonts, the client can easily change the colors according to their preferences.

Lube Pitch Deck Powerpoint

Modern Pitch Deck Design Templates

The contrast of white, red, and black, as well as juicy accents — it's a modern trend! This template will please the user with sixty attractive slides, free icons, data visualization charts, and pages open to creativity.

Modern Pitch Deck Design

Simple Pitch Deck Presentation Template

The stylish and aesthetic template consists of fifty slides made in four different color palettes. The pages are quite spacious — the mass of “air” allows the listener not to get hung up on the text, but gradually absorb small pieces of useful information.

Simple Pitch Deck Presentation

Pitch Deck Concept TUBE YOU

This pitch deck template contains forty-one slides. The discreet yet attractive design is appealing at first sight, and it's fairly easy to use thanks to the drag & drop image placeholder and other highly customizable features.

Pitch Deck Concept Tube

Sales Deck Presentation Template

A dark and stylish template with 50 slides will allow you to state the main information about your project as concisely as possible, but succinctly. In addition to the main theme, there are three extra palettes here, so it will be easy to adapt the slides' color spectrum to your startup`s photos.

Sales Deck Presentation

Design Pitch Deck Presentation Template

Soft accents, streamlined elements, and spaciousness — this is how we can describe this pitch deck template. 50 slides and 4 color schemes should be enough to create a stylish presentation, obviously!

Design Pitch Deck Presentation