Importance of Home Design Software on Architecture


Architecture has become more and more complex over the years. Many software has been created to help architects design better structures. Many years ago, architects majorly used pencil and paper to design very big buildings such as skyscrapers. Nowadays, a single architect can design multiple buildings on a PC at home through the use of home design software. The paragraphs below explain why the home design software has become a very useful tool for architects presently.

Home Design Software

What is Architecture?

This involves designing and building structures, environments, and areas that may be built in the future. It also takes into account the materials to be used as well as their cost. This is very important as it gives you an estimate of how much you'll have to spend to make that design a reality. It also applies several physics and mathematical principles.

What is Home Design Software?

These are types of computer-aided design software that were built to help architects and designers visualize their home designs on the go. It helps them view their home projects accurately and efficiently.

The best home design software helps save time and energy by optimizing the design and offering various functions. Due to its many features, such as virtual furniture, 360-degree rendering, and multiple colors, it makes the job much easier for the architect.  End product visualization that was once considered a challenge has now become a reality thanks to home design software.

Various Home Design Software

Now that we know what a home design software does, we can look at some of the best home design softwares in the market.

1. Adobe Illustrator

This is one of the best house design software. For those who are already subscribed to Adobe, this software would be very convenient. It has a neat interface that makes it easy for users to understand its tools. Due to how popular the Adobe brand is, there is a community willing to collaborate and help each other. You can also ask the community questions if you ever need help. It also has a mobile app version. This means you can always view your designs without needing to carry your laptop everywhere you go.

2. Floor Planner

This is also good home design software that architects as well as interior designers use. The floor planner has both the paid and free  versions. One of its features is the ability to turn 2d images into 3D without much effort. You can easily change the dimensions of the software too. Such a feature helps to optimize floor space. A link can also be created for the work and shared with other experts. This will enable them to make alterations if you need them. It also has an automation feature that can automate some tasks, such as roof creation and wall panelling.

3. SoftPlan

This software is a 3D modeling computer-aided design Software. The software has tools that enable 3D designs as well as tools to decide on materials and texture. This tool gives life to the plan. It enables you to design architectural and manufacturing projects with extreme detail. Another cool feature of this software is its rendering. Rendering improves your design by giving it a realistic feel. You can add elements such as shade, light, and reflection.

The software is available on all devices, including iOS, Apple, Windows, and Android.

4. Planner 5D

This is another home design software that architects and also designers use. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this software makes creating interior designs straightforward. This is a very good feature as it means someone with no design background can use the software. It is user-friendly and  also includes a library of floor plans in case you need inspiration for your designs. Planner 5D has a mobile version and is also available in 11 languages.

Why Home Design Software is Important in Architecture

The best home design software has been discussed. But we are yet to find out why home design software is so important. Here are reasons why home design software is ideal.

1. Design Automation

When designing parts of a building, one does not need to design each detail. This is already done by the software itself. For example, when drawing a wall, the framing and insulation are already included in the wall tools, so you do not need to design those too.

2. Visualization

In the past, the only way clients were able to view their work was when the design had been produced into a small model. This problem has been solved through the use of the best software for home design. This software can now accurately represent the designs. They can also show in 3D, how the design would look like if it were to be built.  360-degree angles and rendering will keep the client engaged and happy enough to move on to the next stage.

3. Budget Estimation

The features included in the home design software now enable the architect to have a rough estimate of how much such a design would cost in real life.  You can determine the amount of material needed for the project. You can also determine the accurate dimensions of the project. With these tools, a clear estimate of how much the project can cost will be in view.

4. Resource Management

Due to the reason that it is done digitally, time is being saved, unlike the alternative option which is analog. In the olden days, physical 3D models were necessary to be able to make the customer understand the design. This will waste time and resources. Home design software can solve this problem because everything can be seen on the screen, including all angles. It also saves paper because a lot of paper will be used to view the project, especially if many people are involved.

5. Space Optimization

An architect can better grasp the space being worked on because they can see it in real-time and make necessary adjustments. The dimension tools also make it possible to know the least amount of space needed to contain a particular object, such as furniture or electronics. The customers also have a real idea of how much space they would like to have. The 3d view gives customers a real-life view that would not have been possible on paper.

Things to Consider When Buying a Home Design Software

There is a lot of different home design software that caters to the needs of various architects. Knowing how to purchase the right one for you will go a long way toward customer satisfaction.

. Price. There are free versions of some home design software, while some only have paid versions. Knowing the features you need to do a good job would help you decide if paying for the service is worth it. Another thing to do is compare the software pricing with another competitor. This would give you more options to choose from.

. Device. The device you want to be using also matters a lot. Some of this software requires a high-level processor and a top-end graphics card. If your device does not fit the description, it would be best to go for something that will be able to run smoothly on your device. Another thing to consider is if you want it to be available on your mobile for easy referencing. Some software offers the mobile version while others don't.


Architects require a lot of help as the complexity of their work increases. To save time and energy, home design software was built. The very best home design software enables architects to make designs accurately, which increases customer satisfaction. This article has carefully laid out the importance of home design software as well as some of its examples. You can rest assured that after reading this article, you know enough about home design software and how it improves architecture.