iFax: Benefits and Features


Businesses and organizations across the globe have been moving to a remote workforce recently. But then, this shift has forced them to make many other changes to their ways of operating. For instance, they have had to adopt software and other tools to facilitate growth.


As a business owner, one of the technology tools that you need is an iFax. But you might not be sure about why you need an iFax for your business. This article has everything you need to know about iFax. It will provide you with the features of iFax and the benefits of using it.

Let’s dive right in!

A Brief Overview of iFax

What are the features iFax comes with, and what are some of the benefits of using it? Well, we will delve deeper into that, but before we do, a brief overview of iFax will be worth it.

So, what do we mean by "iFax" and how different is it from the traditional fax that we all know?

iFax is a hybrid fax service that helps businesses send or receive faxes using computers and mobile devices. You can use iFax to send anything from documents to images, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel files. Besides, you can receive any of these documents through it.

There are various reasons why businesses are shifting to iFax systems. One of them is to simplify work and increase efficiency, which is basically why technology exists. Also, they use such technology tools to show their audience that they are up-to-date with the latest trends.

Last but not least, there’s a need to ensure that a business meets regulatory requirements. It is vital to be HIPAA-certified if you run a business in the USA. Technology solutions like iFax provide better safety for customer and business data that, if exposed, can affect your growth.

One reason to use iFax is because it will help you meet the standards for becoming HIPAA compliant. It will be an excellent technology solution to add to your stack if you would like to ensure your business grows.

What’s more, consider prioritizing iFax if you are in the health sector.

The Features of iFax

There are various features that iFax comes with. The features are what make it stand out as a technology solution. It will be vital to know why iFax is worth investing in as a business owner.

The section below will look deeper into the features that iFax offers its users.

1. Secure

You need to be sure that the iFax app you are using is secure before getting started with it. But then, iFax is largely a secure system with end-to-end security and top-notch encryption. You can be sure that your data will remain safe when using it.

2. HIPAA-compliant

We have already mentioned why it is important to be careful with your handling of health data. Most iFax providers have ensured that their systems are safe and meet HIPAA regulations. You need to check, however, that the iFax provider is compliant.

3. Multiple email addresses

iFax accepts integration with multiple email addresses. As a result, you can use all of your existing email addresses with the system without concern. Also, connecting email addresses to the iFax system is a breeze.

4. Digital signatures

You need to sometimes use digital signatures when sending documents. It is easy to do this with iFax because it supports the use of these signatures. Besides, they are admissible in court, which isn’t the case with traditional emails.

5. Group recipients

It is possible to send bulk faxes with iFax. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with traditional faxing, which only allowed you to send one at a time. As a result, it saves time, improves productivity, and enhances collaboration in teams.

6. Scheduled delivery

You can schedule messages when using iFax. This is one of the reasons many businesses are leveraging this technology solution. It makes it possible to ensure that you don’t delay messages or forget to send them on time.

7. Progress tracker

It is easy to track progress with an iFax. Unlike traditional faxes, this tool allows you to follow up on previously sent faxes and see which ones have been opened, replied to, and gain a variety of other insights.

8. Integration

Integrating iFax with other technology tools is an easy task. You can link it with a wide range of productivity tools and ensure that you simplify work for your team. Some of the tools that you can link to your system include Slack, Trello, and even your CRM.

What Are the Advantages of iFax?

We have mentioned a little bit about the benefits of using iFax. But then, it will be prudent to explore the exact reasons for investing in this important system.


Here are some things you’ll gain:

  • Streamlines workflows: You can simplify your work by using iFax. There’s so much that you and your team need to handle. Thus, being able to send group faxes and even schedule them will save you so much time.
  • Mobile access: There are mobile apps that you can use to send or receive faxes. This makes using iFax a convenient communication method. All you need to make the most of it is a smartphone and the right mobile application.
  • Easy management: iFax is relatively easier to manage than traditional fax. The fact that you use an app that has a menu on its interface to control everything makes work easier. All you need to do, from document management to sending and receiving faxes, will be easier.
  • Secure and compliant: iFax is one of the most secure solutions that you can use for communication. It is encrypted with end-to-end security tools to ensure that your data remains safe and confidential. This is what makes it HIPAA-compliant.


Those are the things you needed to know about iFax. From the list of features we have looked into, it is clear that iFax will simplify work for your business. It can help increase efficiency and ensure that you send and receive faxes online or manage faxes easily.

You can now decide whether an iFax will be worth investing in for your business. Also, it will be easy to ensure that your business is HIPAA-compliant by investing in cloud-based fax solutions. That will help ensure your business gets the results it desires in the end.