How Important Is Technology in Education?


According to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), most jobs in demand today were only created over the last decade. With each technological advancement comes digital transformation and globalization, which ensures that Mexican students (and others worldwide) can acquire the skills they need to succeed in a tech-driven world with the help of their teachers.

Technology in Education

Since the pandemic, many have come to realize that online education has several benefits and are more open to it. Integrating technology into education is beneficial to both teachers and students. There's more to technology in education for it to be used mainly as a tool for crisis management. It's a powerful tool that the Mexican education system should harness for the sake of the future of the students.

Several digital learning tools can be used in the classroom to improve the teacher's lesson plans, increase student engagement, and ensure personalized learning. This way, students can easily learn important 21st-century skills that make them more effective in the modern world.

Benefits of Education Technology for Mexican Schools

Every teacher aims to improve their student's performance, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this in the modern world is through technology. There are undoubtedly several challenges to the implementation of technology in education. This is why education administrators in Mexico must ensure that teachers gain the necessary competencies that help them enhance students learning through technology. This will also reduce the difficulty of the teacher's job, allowing them to save some time and have time for other things.

Technology in Education

Some of the many benefits of technology are that students have easier access to information, they can learn faster, and they also get the chance to practice what their teacher is teaching them.  Students also get to explore several new concepts and get a deeper understanding of difficult ones, especially STEM-related ones. This makes them better prepared for whatever the world throws at them in the future in their occupations.

However, it's important to note that it's only when there's a direction that children get to learn effectively. According to a report by World Economic Forum, young children can acquire knowledge and learn new skills through play. A college essay from buy an essay UK also concluded that when a teacher or an adult guides children during their learning, they're more effective with the use of technology.

Mexican education administrators and leaders must note their faculty's progress in understanding the online space and the benefits of technology in education for students. Here are a few examples:

. Better communication and improved collaboration between students

Technology in education helps to foster collaboration. It ensures that teachers can engage better with students while teaching them. But more importantly, it improves communication among students. Learning games and online lessons make students work as a team to solve problems. These collaborative activities allow them to share ideas and thoughts while supporting each other.

Technology also allows teachers to interact one-on-one with their students. The students can seek additional help and class-related questions on any subject matter. Students can sit back at home and upload their homework, and the teachers can view it from anywhere with their laptops.

. Personalized learning opportunities

Students have unlimited access to numerous educational resources due to technology, and they can attend classes online via their mobile phones or a laptop. Hybrid learning combines online learning technology with physical classroom lessons. Both scenarios make it possible to tailor each student's learning plan and allow them to learn at their pace. They can also review the videos in their lesson plan if there’s a concept they didn't get and want to understand better. These online activities generate data that allows the teacher to notice which students are performing well and who are underperforming and need more support.

. Improved efficiency and productivity for teachers

Technology gives teachers the tool with which they can reach new productivity levels. With technology, they can expand their students’ learning opportunities and provide better engagement with and support for their students. It also ensures that teachers can personalize their instruction methods for the benefit of each student. Additionally, the school gets to spend less on physical instructional materials, make better use of the teachers’ time and enhance the efficiency of their educational programs.

. Improved curiosity through engaging content

Using educational and engaging content to teach can help teachers boost curiosity and spark inquisitiveness in their students, leading to improved academic success. Research has proven that curious students tend to understand reading concepts and math. You can create engaging content with podcasts, videos, or AR. For instance, students can add videos when submitting their assignments and also get the chance to interact with other students from different parts of the world.


The impact of technology on education is growing rapidly worldwide, and Mexico isn't an exception. We can achieve many more things in education by simply integrating technology into the current curricula.