Why Intel vPro Is the Perfect Solution For Business Travel


Portable and convenient, an Intel vPro laptop can be utilized in many settings. The vast majority of portable computers are intended to be fully functioning replacements for traditional desktop PCs, allowing users to access all of their data and programs from their portable devices. You may also hook up more devices like a mouse and a bigger screen. Business travelers who do a lot of flying might be wise to have a laptop computer. The convenience and mobility afforded by a laptop are invaluable to the business.

Intel vPro

This article will take a look at why Intel vPro is the perfect solution for business travel.


Intel vPro laptop's small size and portability make it convenient to carry wherever you go, be it in the office or the living room. Most portable electronics are compact enough to fit in a briefcase or bag, and their modest profiles make them simple to display on a tabletop. A desktop computer requires more room than a laptop and is more difficult to relocate than a traditional desk. In addition, unlike a desktop computer, which needs to be plugged in at all times, a laptop can be used without being tethered to an electrical outlet because of its long battery life.

No Additional Hardware

Everything you need to get work done is included in the one compact package which is a laptop. IT won't have to distribute any extra peripherals, including keyboards, mice, ethernet cables, or spare chargers, because the Intel vPro device has them all built in. IT merely needs to make sure that everyone has the right software and apps installed on their laptops if the organization makes the move to laptops. After a brief installation process on their portable computers, workers will have the same entry to all their software and servers as they would with a traditional desktop PC.


Staff members can avoid spending time re-downloading papers and simply login into their accounts so they can remain linked to their files and interact with their colleagues. They're able to participate in meetings, access and send files, and go on with their regular work as if they were still in the office. The mobility of laptops allows workers to quickly and easily share information with one another and fosters an atmosphere of open communication. Workers can electronically email their papers while they are not at their desks.

Easier IT Support

If an employee's laptop is linked to the company's servers, then the IT department can access the machine from the workplace, the home, or any other location where the employee happens to be. Instead of creating a help desk ticket and waiting for IT to visit an employee's desk, IT can work in real-time to access a laptop remotely or have an employee bring their laptop to the IT department. Just reducing or eliminating the need for IT staff to physically go between desks would improve productivity and reduce tension.

Privacy and Time Saving

Having their own laptops gives staff more privacy. They are free to use it anywhere they feel comfortable working, whether that be at home, in a coffee shop, or even while traveling. They can continue to log in to vital accounts and websites thanks to the mobility of a laptop without running into the danger of a security breach. In the end, having this kind of access helps them save time since the computer can remember their login information so they don't have to check in each time.

SSD Storage

The amount of storage on your laptop determines how much data you can save there. Travelers should pay particular attention to this specification since they frequently use their laptops without an internet connection when they are out. Storage comes in two types: HDD and SSD. In contrast to an HDD, the latter is speedier and much more suited for travel because it is less susceptible to vibration damage. Moreover, SSD memory speeds up laptop startup.

Battery Life

Working on a vPro laptop is made possible by its lengthy battery life, which eliminates the need to constantly look for a charging station. It enables professionals to perform client meetings, presentations, and video conferencing without being concerned about battery life. Laptops use a variety of hardware and software techniques to extend their battery life. User behaviors can have an impact on battery life. You can invest in a vPro laptop that is geared to work effectively with creative applications if you're a content creator and frequently use your laptop for editing or creating.


Even when on the go, you can use your Intel vPro laptop to get a lot of work done. When on the road for work, it's important for professionals to lighten their load so they can devote more energy to growing their company. On the go, people want simple access to the internet. Because of their built-in Wi-Fi, laptops are a convenient way to access the web.