Exploring the Money-making Potential of a Ready-made Gojek Clone App


A mobile app opens the path to incredible profit-earning opportunities. It is one of the ways to reach customers from across the globe and make profits from their purchases or service bookings. Gojek Clone brings similar benefits to you at a very economical price.

Gojek Clone App

Developing a super app like Gojek offers multiple benefits to your business. From more profit-making to easy business expansion, this super app is like a complete packet of perks for business owners like you.

The good news is that the app now possesses new components that will double up the merits of owning a super app.

Let’s glance through these new components. However, let’s first look at some concrete reasons why launching a ready-to-market on-demand app will be good for your business.

Launch an On-demand App Easily and Quickly

You won’t believe but it takes only one to two weeks to develop and launch a pre-built solution. In return, you get to make a shedload of profits.

It is easier to use a ready-made solution to build a mobile app for your multi-service business because –

  • Don’t have to spend all the money: it takes only a few thousand dollars to build the application and launch it on the app stores. Since everything is pre-built, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about starting the development process from scratch.
  • It is quick to launch: the pre-built Gojek Clone is quick to launch as the entire solution is ‘ready-made’. In brief, no more waiting for two to three years to launch the app.
  • It is built using the latest technologies: the mobile application is developed using modern-day technology. The technology stack includes PHP, Swift, Java, Amazon AWS, and so on.

Newly Integrated Components of the Gojek Clone App

The app offers a total of 14 service components. All of these components together have 101+ services which makes it easy for customers to get anything they want almost instantly.

The concept of doorstep deliveries or on-demand services is rising rapidly. And, this super app enables you to offer the market’s topmost-demanded services with a click.

By installing this app, your users can book taxi rides, order various stuff from stores, send parcels, and book professional services. In addition, the app also has an online video consultation, service bidding, and hiring delivery Genie and Runner as its on-demand components.

The list of newly integrated services includes:

Buy & rent properties

The Gojek-like super app allows users to list their properties for sale. On the other hand, users who want to buy residential apartments, industrial buildings, villas, farmhouses, etc., can find the listings on the app and take the deal further.

You as the app owner, make money from Paid Plan purchases made by users to boost their business.

Buy, sell, & rent cars

Users can buy, sell, and rent cars. Users who wish to sell their cars or put them on rent for some time have to post a listing with images of the car, its short description, and other useful details.

A user who wants to buy or rent a car can then filter the listings, find a car they love, and contact the car owner by sending an Inquiry Form.

The app owner makes money from every Paid Plan purchase.

Buy, sell, & rent general items

Similar to buying, selling, and renting cars, users can also list items that they don’t want and wish to sell or give on rent.

They can list electronic items, business equipment, sports goods, furniture, and other items. Anyone interested in purchasing or renting these items can connect with the owner directly by sending an Inquiry Form.

Here, the app owner gets the cash flow from Paid Plan purchases by users. With these plans, users can list their items as “Featured”.

Explore nearby businesses

Anyone who uses the app need not worry about driving on roads to find cafes, hospitals, gyms, salons, and other businesses near them.

All they have to do is enter their current location or let the GPS detect it for them and within seconds the app will display all the businesses (from chosen category) near them.

From your app, users can also learn about business timings, and exact addresses, see their location on the map, book a taxi to reach there, order online, or simply call them.


It is an interesting component where one user can offer ride-share service to another app user. Suppose a user is driving from New York City to New Jersey. Thus, they can post their ride on the app and offer ride-sharing to other users who want to travel to the same destination.

The user can offer rides for a relevant cost per seat and split the cost in this way. A user can easily book these seats via the app and pay for them online.

You as the app owner can charge commissions from the rider and driver and enjoy an easy inflow of cash.

On-demand medical services

A registered Gojek Clone app user can book on-demand medical services via the app. Under this on-demand component, your users can book an ambulance, video consult with doctors,  book appointments with nearby doctors, and order medicines online.

You as the app owner can charge commissions on every booked service.

Track family members & employees

Your users can now track their close ones or their employees in real-time. They can see the person’s location on the map and see where they are going.

This service is most helpful for employers whose employees are working in the field and parents/guardians who want to ensure the safety of their kids when they go out.

Final Thoughts:

You can start a brand-new business with the Gojek-like app. Traditionally, people trusted retail businesses more than ones operated online. Eventually, things changed. Now, online businesses are booming.

Therefore, it is high time you start thinking about launching a multi-service application because they are certainly the “future” of every business landscape.

Gojek Clone is a super app loaded with amazing features and high-in-demand services.

It is a one-stop shop for your users. Be it booking a taxi ride, consulting with a lawyer, hiring party cleaners, ordering food, or selling a home, this app can do it all.

Want to try out this app on your device? Get the demo app and see if it fits your business needs. Start making money from day one you launch the app.