The best Instagram video ideas for brands in 2022

A few years ago, just having an Instagram account was enough for businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors. But nowadays, Instagram has evolved exponentially and simply creating an Instagram account will get you nowhere or help your marketing growth.


Instagram video

Also, given the popularity that Instagram enjoys in modern times, more and more businesses are putting more effort into building a strong presence on this platform by posting regular Instagram videos.

Best Instagram Video Ideas for Online Brands

Regardless of your preferred Instagram video format, it is essential to understand simple video ideas to engage your audience, drive better business results, invest a lot of time and effort into creating videos, and engage your followers. Also, to engage your Instagram followers and increase your income, you need to follow some of the best ideas mentioned below:

Stop Motion Videos

Modern Instagram users are tired of overly refined promotional content. So it's no surprise that simple stop motion videos are now trending more and more on Instagram. You can also create excellent and engaging content to help you showcase your creativity with stop motion videos. And whether you want to convey or showcase your goods or services, there are countless ways to use stop motion videos to engage your audience.


Animation is not just about capturing one's attention. And it is gaining popularity as an effective marketing mechanism. Plus, animated videos convey stories, entertain customers, and stay connected to your followers' memories. Also, producing this animated video content concept is effortless. Even if you don't hire a video creator in-house, producing compelling videos is quite manageable (and cost-effective).

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Creating online video content can take a lot of time and effort unless you motivate your fans to produce user-generated content for you. Also, do you know that videos produced by Instagram users generate ten times more views than brand content? For businesses and individual brands, this means videos of user-generated content are a low-cost way to build the popularity of your products or services online. Not surprisingly, even leading brands often switch to their followers to feature user-generated content videos.

Product Overview

Modern Instagram users are tech-savvy, and with a lot of branded data attracting them from everywhere, they pay attention to goods or services that can meet their needs. That's why customers look for online product reviews to ensure your product can fix their problem before making a final purchasing decision. Therefore, it can be challenging to convince your customers to create product review videos for your brand. However, creating a product overview is effortless as you need to show your product in action.

Fast Motion Videos

Fast motion Instagram alternative helps you show improvement faster without tiring your online followers. In addition, more than 85% of Instagram viewers watch video content without sound. Therefore, such fast-moving content can work well on Instagram. If you're wondering what kind of fast-paced action videos you can make, notice that the Instagram community loves these authentic behind-the-scenes content that reveals the true face of your online brand.

Offline Activities

Wouldn't it be great if you could combine online and offline marketing? In modern times, businesses can easily promote their offline marketing activities on Instagram to build brand awareness, increase reach and engagement, and deliver outstanding content to viewers. Also, with the proliferation of ephemeral content such as Livestream and Instagram Stories, it's convenient to use your mobile phone to showcase your offline activity.

Additionally, if you want your audience to watch videos for a long time, go live on Instagram to interact with your audience. Because live stream videos generate FOMO (Fear of Missing out), your online audience watches videos because they are afraid of missing something important. You can also upload short videos if you don't have time to Livestream your entire marketing event.

Show Your Product

Even if the product images are perfect, one of the best ways to make them feel closer to your online audience is to show them in action. This is a vital form of social media, and your verification and Instagram marketing plan is one of the best places to use it. Also, showing your online products in action shows viewers the various conditions under which they can use your product and helps them make a better purchasing decision.

Behind-the-scenes Video

Instagram users demand realism, so humanizing your online brand is essential to attract more customers and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Plus, with behind-the-scenes video content, it simply becomes effortless. There's no obligation to create high-quality video content to take the audience behind the scenes.

Influencer Shoutouts

Instagram influencer marketing is not a brand new concept. Many businesses collaborate with social media influencers to advertise their products on Instagram, as customers seek peer advice before making purchasing decisions. Also, when it comes to video content creation, Instagram influencers can help create compelling video content on behalf of the company.

Reach Regional Instagram Accounts

Regional accounts are a fantastic way for regional businesses like cafes or spas to reach their audience on Instagram. Many Instagram accounts focus specifically on a particular state or city and show pictures of common regional spots, businesses or experiences. That's why reaching out to local Instagram accounts is the best video idea. You should identify local accounts with many followers in your area and reach out to review your product or post for your business.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we can say that having an Instagram presence in modern times is not enough to attract your target audience and make better profits. Also, with this increasing competition, you should understand how to take advantage of this platform by following these steps to build brand awareness, increase engagement and increase sales without spending too much budget.