Top Link Building Strategies for SaaS Companies


SaaS or software as a service is a popular way of delivering applications over the internet. SaaS allows users to use these applications through the cloud. Instead of being forced to install these applications, you can use them via the Internet. These applications are usually offered on subscription-based terms.


SaaS applications are also known as web-based software, hosted software, or in-demand software. SaaS applications are popular as these are run in the provider’s servers, making storage and management easier for users. Providers oversee the security, accessibility, availability, and performance. Some examples of these applications are email marketing, project management, and CRM applications.

SaaS Industry Today

Since SaaS applications have grown in popularity, the competition has become tighter. This market is predicted to be worth around $240.61 billion in 2022. And it will continue to grow to be a $300 billion market by 2026.

These numbers indicate how fierce the competition is in this industry. SaaS companies are not only in the competition to deliver the best applications but also in getting as many clients to consume these applications.

Most businesses in different industries launch digital marketing campaigns to advertise their products and services. There are various strategies such as link building, email marketing, and many more under the digital marketing umbrella. Marketers apply these strategies with the help of tools such as link builder software, email marketing tools, etc.

In this article, we will talk about link building and the different link building strategies that can help SaaS companies.

What Is Link Building?

First, let us define link building. We can better understand the different link building strategies below if we know what exactly is link building.

Link building plays a great role in collecting leads for every business. It is the process of acquiring high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks on other sites that lead to your own website. Link building is important as search engines are said to consider backlinks when determining the search engine visibility of websites.

There are many ways to go get started and sustain your link building campaign. The internet offers the best link building tools that allow you to do different tasks.

Link building tools can help you assess your backlink situation, find high DA sites, and even determine bad links. Aside from link builder software, below are different proven strategies that help in link building.

1. Get the Best Backlink Software

Technological advancements offer software for every kind of problem today. If you are looking into link building, then there are several link builder softwares available. The best backlink software offers features such as email outreach, crawling the net for high DA sites, and even competitor analysis.

Here are some of the best link builder softwares in the market today:

. Ahrefs: this software is one of the most popular when we are talking about the best link building tools in the market. You can make use of this when conducting a backlink audit. It can help you collect data regarding your current backlink situation. The collected data can be used to decide the direction of your whole link building campaign.

. Moz Link Explorer: MozPro offers the Link Explorer Tool making it one of the best link building tools today. This shows the sites that are backlinking to your competitors. Through this information, you can also reach out to these sites to gain a backlink.

2. Build Linkable Content

You can have the best backlink software to help you crawl the internet with websites you can make use of. But content still plays a great role in making sure you get that backlink. Since the internet is saturated with all kinds of information, you should produce content that has value. When your content has value then it is most likely linkable.

Shallow and non-value-adding content will not make the cut. You should invest resources in making sure that your content has something to offer the readers. Your content should be able to drive traffic, backlinks, shares, and conversions.

Here is some linkable content that you can work on:

. Statistics: everybody loves factual content. By showing accurate statistics, you can prove that your content is true. Publishing content that showcases the latest SaaS statistics is a great way to attract backlinks. You may not even need the best link building tools to put this type of content to work in your favor.

. How-Tos: consumers are being bombarded with different tools and applications on a daily basis. For someone who is not technology savvy, these advancements may be overwhelming and hard to use. How-tos or tutorials hello you prove your knowledge in this field. A comprehensive how-to content will also help you attract a new pool of clients interested in SaaS applications.

3. Reclaiming Brand Mentions

There can also be instances where your brand or company is mentioned in a published article or content. However, your website may not be linked which is a lost opportunity for a backlink. You can crawl the net and look for several brand mentions and reach out to the website owner.

This link building strategy is one of the easiest ways to conduct as there is already existing content. An email or two to the website owner automatically grants you a backlink.

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most widely used strategies when it comes to link building. You can use the best backlink software to get your guest posting started. Through these link building tools, you can identify high-authority sites for you to publish your content.

Guest posting will require you to manually reach out to the website owner and have an article ready for posting. It is best to note that the relevance of the chosen site to your niche affects the overall quality of your backlink.

5. Offer Better Affiliate Deals

Affiliate marketing is also becoming more popular today. Affiliate marketing is hiring individuals who have a pool of loyal following to promote your brand. You are targeting their pool of followers. Affiliates are usually paid through free products or free usage of whatever you are offering.

You can make use of these popular individuals on the internet to reach new potential customers. With the help of the best link builder software mentioned above and the influence of these affiliates, new leads can be generated.

Take Away

The SaaS applications industry is an already big market and it will continue to grow with the rising demand for these kinds of tools. This is the reason why a good marketing plan should be in place. Link building will help you generate and convert leads throughout the process. With the help of the best link building tools in the market, your link building campaign has a high rate of success.

So, if you are planning on getting started with link building, check out the best backlink software to help you do the job.