Top 6 Idea Management Softwares to Facilitate Your Team's Innovation


It's no secret that companies that outpace their competitors do so because they can innovate faster and more effectively than the other guys. Innovation often begins with great ideas, but implementing those ideas into actual products and services takes some special software.

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We put together the list of the six best idea management software available today. It includes everything from virtual team collaboration platforms to advanced analytics systems that can help you track how well your company's performance against competitor ideas in real time!

Check out the article below and learn which products best suit your organization's needs!

What Is An Idea Management Software?

An idea management software is a type of software used to organize and manage ideas. Idea management software includes idea databases, project management, and templates for making project proposals. Ideas are usually tangible objects or processes that have not been implemented yet.

Ideas can also be intangible concepts. Ideas can come from various sources, including brainstorming sessions, surveys, customer requests, business problems, and new technologies. Idea management software provides an organized way to handle these new ideas.

Why Does Your Team Need One?

Every company wants innovative ideas, but what about the organization that needs them? Creative ideas often come in rapid succession and need to be managed appropriately. But according to HBR, creativity is not enough. A project or a team manager will need an efficient way to help your team work more efficiently and generate more ideas. No matter the business type, the need for idea management software is vital.

It can help increase productivity, improve quality of life at work, reduce conflicts between co-workers, increase employee retention rates, and enhance employee creativity. You don't have to agonize about these things when you have a system that helps with project planning and execution.

Innovative ideas can flow freely with this kind of software because employees can share their thoughts easily by submitting them through a web portal or mobile app interface.

Best Idea Management System: Top 6 Picks

Idea management software is used in small and large organizations that want employees to work collaboratively toward innovation. Every single innovation management tool can make idea management easy and more efficient. Here is the list of top 6 idea management softwares:

1. BrightIdea

Brightidea is the most popular idea management platform in the world, with over 2 million users and $15+ billion in recorded economic impact. With their idea management system, you can easily engage your global employees.

You may conduct massive crowdsourcing projects with Brightidea's sophisticated idea and innovation management platform. It is ideal software for organizations that want a high-tech tool for innovation management.

Besides offering one-to-one idea-sharing and suggestion systems, this innovation software also enables people to provide feedback about what they are doing to generate new concepts from inside and outside the company. It helps them discover more about their clients to provide better services to improve customer satisfaction and business performance.

2. Coda

Coda is a brand-new document that connects ideas, information, and people. You'll begin with a blinking pointer on a blank page; from there, your team can take it wherever its collective heart desires. Coda provides a collection of building pieces that may be combined to construct a document as vital as an app, including pages with infinite length, tables that communicate with each other, and widgets that take action either within or outside your doc.

Coda documents have been created to aid in the introduction of new products, the expansion of existing enterprises, and even the preparation of students for exams. Imagine if every company member was given access to this idea management system where they could share, gather, and organize their thoughts into tangible solutions.

Imagine how smoothly projects would progress if members could focus on what they are best at while allowing others on the team to do what they do best. Get the brainstorming power you need without sacrificing simplicity using Coda's top idea management software.


KICKBOX offers the complete package regarding staff engagement, idea management, and concept execution. Adobe's KICKBOX approach, refined by ready, is the most widely used framework for innovation in large organizations. It operates from the bottom up by drawing on the collective expertise of your staff to help you develop your ideas from scratch to something more solid.

Additionally, automation and sophisticated analytics help scale the initiative and monitor its development. KICKBOX is a scalable, engaging, and productive program because it brings together an internet platform, a marketplace, tool boxes, and an ecosystem of professionals. This online system allows for the rapid amassing, processing, testing, and deployment of ideas.

4. edison365

Take your ideas from inception to completion with the help of edison365's Microsoft 365-based platform for innovation management and project delivery. You can collect and organize thoughts throughout your company using the innovation management software edison365ideas and the cost and value analysis tools included in edison365businesscase.

Additionally, edison365projects facilitates the transformation of proposals into workable projects that can be tailored to your specific process. For streamlined innovation management, you can get each component alone or as part of a package. And with unlimited access to edison365ideas, there are no hidden costs.

In addition, you'll have 24/7/365 access to any document at any time so team members can collaborate on their ideas even when they're offline. Finally, if you need assistance on how to execute your idea management system strategy and make sure it is fully aligned with the business strategy, you may contact them.

5. Planbox

Planbox is another idea management tool that helps you create an innovation ecosystem for crowdsourcing with your employees, customers, and others to help you solve business challenges that align with your corporate strategy.

You get to put the best ideas through the evaluation, development, prioritization, experimentation, and implementation workflow with the help of Planbox's software solution. Plus, Planbox offers a comprehensive dashboard interface that will help you track progress on tasks and projects in a central location.

Planbox offers enterprise-level security, advanced collaboration options, and a customizable customer portal that will help you efficiently manage all your crowdsourcing initiatives. It provides APIs that can be integrated into other business software applications to use as an enterprise-wide innovation management platform for tracking projects in one place.

6. Ideanote

The final best innovation management tool on our list is Ideanote. The next-generation, innovation-led software from Ideanote simplifies the collection, development, and implementation of the best ideas for boosting corporate growth, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Launch idea collections instantly, improve concept management, and track the results of your innovations. Companies of all sizes trust Ideanote to rapidly develop fully tailored innovation programs in days rather than months; the software has hundreds of five-star ratings!


Idea management software can help your company keep up with the demand for new product innovation. If you have ever faced a bottleneck that has led to a delay in production, it's essential to use resources as productively as possible.

Although people will always be crucial to creativity, computers can help store and track ideas that never seem to work out. With so many different products, these software tools can offer the best solutions for each specific business type.