SkullCandy Crusher 2014 Headphones: Looking Cool and Sound Like A Beast


What makes a Headphone a Good Headphone?

Let's say you're getting ready to buy your first pair of headphones. You know that they need to be comfortable, but what else? Is it the sound quality? Is it the look? The build quality? And what about price—are they worth it?

SkullCandy Crusher 2014

We'll tackle all these questions and more in this blog post!

Sound Quality: Sound quality is one of the most important factors in choosing a pair of headphones. If you're looking for something that sounds great, you're going to have to pay a bit more than if you're just looking for something that doesn't make your ears bleed. The best way to know if your pair of headphones will appeal to you is by actually listening to them. Try them out in different environments, listen at different times of the day (when people are talking), and let yourself get used to each song or album before moving on to another one. You can also try comparing two different pairs side-by-side—if one has a better bass response than another does, that may be enough for you. Here's our suggestion or a review of SkullCandy Crusher 2014.

SkullCandy Crusher 2014

Skullcandy has been around for a long time, and they've never failed to impress with their selection of headphones. They've got everything from high-end cans to budget options that are just as good as the rest.

Now, they've got a new product that no one should miss out on the SkullCandy Crusher 2014 Headphones!

The Crusher is an incredible new headphone that combines the best parts of Skullcandy's other headphones into one perfect package. The secret? It's all about how you use it.

You see, Skullcandy knows that sometimes you want to just listen to music in comfort while you're travelling or working out at home. That's why they created the Crusher—a versatile pair of headphones that lets you do just that without sacrificing quality or sound quality.

So what makes these headphones so unique? Well, it starts with the fact that they come with three different earbuds so you can customize your fit for maximum comfort and sound quality (or just choose whichever ones fit your ears best). Then there's the fact that each earbud has its own driver setup so even if one breaks down, you won't have any trouble replacing them (which we hope never happens!).

Built Quality

It has a lightweight design that makes it ideal for travelling (for example, if you're going on vacation). The headphones also come with an adjustable headband that will fit most users comfortably.

It comes with an audio cable extension so that it connects directly to your smartphone or tablet. This makes it easy to listen without having to worry about any other cords getting in the way of your device's speakers or microphone settings.


The SkullCandy Crusher 2014 is a set of headphones that are designed with comfort in mind. The ear cups have a design that is reminiscent of a skull, which should help you feel more like you're wearing a mask when you're listening to your music.

The earcups are made from leather, and they come with four different sizes of foam cushions so that they fit well on anyone's head.

Bass Quality

These headphones have a powerful bass, great mids and clear highs. The bass is so powerful that you'll be shaking your head in no time, but that's what it's all about! You can customize the sound of your music with these headphones by using their EQ settings. They also come with a built-in microphone for phone calls and talking to friends over Skype or similar applications.

With their durable and comfortable design, you'll never want to take them off when you're out on the town or at home watching Netflix. They're easy to use with their one-touch buttons on either side of the ear cups so you don't have to fiddle around trying to figure out how to press them all by yourself.

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The treble performance is mediocre. Low-treble is fairly well recreated and stabilized, however, the 15dB dip in mid-treble centred around 6KHz will have a noticeable negative impact on the illumination and presence of vocals and lead musical instruments.

Battery Life

The Crusher 2014 has a battery life of forty hours on a single charge. With this kind of battery life, they can last all day at work or school without needing to be recharged. And they're so comfortable that you won't even feel like you have them on—which means you'll be able to enjoy your music without any distractions!

Noise Cancellation

The SkullCandy Crusher 2014 headphones are designed to provide you with the best noise cancellation possible in the price segment. The noise-cancelling technology in these headphones allows you to listen to your favourite music and podcasts without any unnecessary background noise.


When it comes to headphones, breathability is a big deal. If your headphones aren't breathable, they're going to sweat in your ears, and that can be uncomfortable. Plus, if the sweat dries on the inside of your earbuds or headphones, it can cause irritation and even infection! In the case of Crusher 2014, they are quite breathable. The design avoids sweat penetration, and the soft and cushioned ear pads are an excellent means of providing you with an additional level of comfort.

There are some cons too

No BlueTooth Connectivity

SkullCandy Crusher 2014 has no BlueTooth connectivity. This is a serious bummer, especially if you're planning to buy this headset for your phone or tablet. However, there are ways around this problem.

First, you could try using a Bluetooth adapter. These can be bought for $15-$25 at most electronics stores. The adapters are usually small, but they come with the necessary cables so that you can use them on your headphones or other devices.

Second, you could try using an audio cable instead of a Bluetooth adapter. Audio cables are much more affordable than Bluetooth adapters and they don't require any special equipment to use them. They just plug into the headphone jack of your device and then into the jack on your device's audio jack (or vice versa).

If neither of these options works for you, I suggest contacting SkullCandy's customer service department and asking if there is anything else they can do for you.

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No Volume control switch

The SkullCandy Crusher 2014 is a great headphone, but it has a major flaw: no volume control.

This can be very frustrating for users, especially if you like to listen to your music at a certain volume level. If you find that you're constantly changing the volume setting on your device, or if the sound is too quiet and too loud, then this may be the reason why.

The volume control switch is used to set the volume of your device when playing back music or audio files. It's also important because it allows for fine-tuning of the volume level of each song so that you can pick out individual instruments within a song.


SkullCandy Crusher 2014 is one of the best headphones in its price range but if you have a high budget you should reconsider this pair while choosing. Even with all the perks around Bluetooth connectivity is the major problem in the year 2022.