Everything you need to know about Polk Audio Buckle

If you are looking for Polk Audio Buckle then you are here at the right place. Here we will provide you with everything about this device. Audio Buckle over-earphones endeavor to try to blend execution in with style, and yet the device succeeds on both these fronts, its proposition doesn't compare to the $349 asking cost.


Polk Audio Buckle


The earphone provides prominent clearness and best quality even at high volume, though the sound is ordinarily clashing as the device fights to disconnect sounds in 'involved' tunes.


Design of Polk Audio Buckle


The Polk headphones is an important part of Polk’s Heritage Collection, and are accessible in two color variety ‘Buckle Black’ with silver highlights and ‘Buckle Brown’ which is underlined by off-white and bronze features. There are more options available in brown color, semi-classic shift focus over to it; the brown isolated segments, off-white and bronze give it a provincial curve, which makes it stand out among the plenty of present-day looking gadgets available.


The Buckle's earcups make the earphones thick, while the variety of structure is appealing. The earcups are connected to bronze-ish bits of metal by a rotating joint, which enables them to turn into a comfortable position. It is connected by a headband that has a finished leather top, brown, and smoothes off-white leather under.


Polk Audio Buckle has dared to add padding to the downside, which is not ensuring for long time comfort. As it has a weight of 840 g, so udio buckle is not heavy, but if you will use it for a long time then you will feel pressure on your head. The side of the head of the Audio Buckle is very soft and they don't have the pressure like other gadgets. You can extend it genuinely wide, which ought to oblige most users.


The build quality of buckle headphones is prominent. There is no creaking during the manufacturing and feels very strong. We suggest you convey it as it can help scuffs while scouring against other things in your sack.


Quality of Sound with Polk Audio Buckle


The Buckle headphones contain a 40mm driver on both sides. It can convey mid to high-level sound, we have found listening encounters to be highly different. If you matched the device with an iPod as well as Samsung Galaxy, you will track down that Buckle not just delivers a mixed bag of sound segregation and clarity across various kinds, yet inside comparable styles as well.


As we have mentioned in advance, the delicate pads enveloping the earcups sit effectively around the ear and make a seal that idly clears out a great deal of encompassing sound from entering. The sound will not leak due to the seal which means you can increase the volume without bothering anyone around you. The best features of polk audio headphones are that sound will not distort or mix and you can enjoy the full features of its output limits.


At the back of the right half of the headband, Buckle headphones have a little control wheel also. This is generally used to play and pause music on a cell phone and accepts only unquestionable orders when engaged with an iOS-based contraption as they are assigned to iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners.


Pros of using Polk Audio Buckle


There are many benefits of udio buckle as follows:

  • It is very powerful
  • Great design and durable
  • It provides distortion-free sound
  • Soft Touch


Cons of using Polk Audio Buckle


Some of the demerits of using Polk Audio Buckle are as follows:

  • Not suitable for a long time
  • Little bit Expensive
  • Not able to separate sounds when different things are happening at the same time.


Bottom Line:


Polk headsets is a powerful headphone. It has good sound quality and appearance. It comes with great design and durability and always provides distortion-free sound. Sometimes the price can be a little bit high.


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