The ways an E-com industry can use HubSpot to amplify its growth

With developing times the media and the mode of the transaction have gone through a drastic change. The exchange that used to take place on the counter has now completely shifted to the internet.


It is pretty clear that commerce has changed tremendously over time. Currently, e-com has become a $1.915 trillion industry.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce refers to buying and selling goods and services using the internet. It is specifically related to the transaction of goods and services as compared to e-business which covers all aspects of operating an online business.

Types of model:

There are four types of models that can define an e-commerce industry

  • B2C (business to consumer)
  • B2B (business to business)
  • C2C (consumer to consumer)
  • C2B (consumer to business) 

Practical ways to boost e-commerce customer engagement

One of the biggest and most important things in an e-commerce business's success is its customer base. Now that global consumers are able to purchase nearly anything they wish on whatever device they are on. That is why providing an excellent customer experience has become a necessity.

Marketing strategists are taking these things very seriously and are often busy drafting strategies that can give them an edge over their competitors.

73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. The benchmark of quality should be judged in terms of customer satisfaction.

So these are some of the practical techniques that can boost customer engagement. 

Visual Engagement tool: Mostly every person gets attracted to highly aesthetic websites and easy-to-navigate landing pages. For this, a lot of marketing strategists are putting into use CRMs that could provide a good customer experience. HubSpot landing pages have helped many in getting better ROI with their web pages.

Attractive personalized services: On the internet, there is quite easy to attract and retain customers. The best way to make them stay for a long time is to keep them satisfied by offering them offers and services that could make them stay for a long time.

Live Chatbots: E-commerce retailers that do not have live chat support on their websites lose a lot of business. It is found that live chat is the customer service channel with the highest satisfaction level at 73%, surpassing email at 61% and phone support at 44%. With this, they can ease out the bulk of support requests for the support team.

Improved Customer Service: Vince Lombardi has rightly quoted; “It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one.”

Comparatively, it is quite easy to convert a potential lead into a customer than to keep that person staying forever in the chain.

The ways HubSpot can amplify the growth of the e-com industry.

1. E-commerce Inbound Marketing: Time is the most valuable resource when it comes to owning a business. Adding inbound will help in getting a powerful direct return from the customers.

HubSpot CRM helps in extending organic search, establishing the brand identity, growing the social reach, and converting traffic into leads. Taking HubSpot services helps in the overall growth of the marketing efforts.

2. Marketing Automation: Automation plays a very key role in the development of tech. As an e-commerce owner, there are a lot of tasks that demand your attention. Along with this, scaling the business is even more challenging.

Automation helps in saving time and drops the need to keep doing repetitive tasks again and again. It frees up time for customer interactions, creativity, and big-picture thinking that matters the most in the line of work. CRM tools with automation features, like HubSpot, are the best way to automate the business.

3. Website development: An attractive, easy-to-navigate website with an aesthetic theme always gets the most attention. With HubSpot CMS, e-commerce sites can build powerful, flexible platforms for creating HubSpot websites, including website pages, blogs, and lightweight apps. Content creators can easily create content with a simple drag-and-drop process. Along with this, they can use preferred tools and technologies, and workflows while developing websites.

4. Customer Experience and Management Automation: the fact is that 95% of visitors that visit your website do not buy anything in the first instance. They need something unique and specific that can easily convert them into a recurring customer. That thing is possible when they can find an optimized experience. To convert traffic into sales HubSpot can be used to create optimized product pages, landing pages for ads, and emails that deliver a more tailored experience for the audience.

5. Personalized Marketing: One of the biggest drawbacks of e-commerce sites is the lack of salesmen. In face-to-face interaction, a salesman can easily convince a buyer to buy but in e-commerce sites, it's the content that does the convincing job.


Setting up a business online and making it successful is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes continuous efforts and proper strategy execution at right time to get the best results. Unfortunately, not every business becomes a success, and they fail to get a hold of the customer base.

Taking the help of HubSpot CRM can solve a lot of issues that could become a hurdle on the road to success and growth.