Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Google AdWords Campaign

As a strong platform, Google AdWords advertises your brand on the Google display network, Youtube and Google search pages. When it comes to paid ads, it is a profitable business. For Google, it is one of those sources that generate higher income. Approximately, 75% is the conversion rate for Google Ads.

Google AdWords Campaign

Undoubtedly, creating a google ads account and advertising is a simple process, however, it is not easy to master. Anyone with years of experience can make mistakes. Definitely, earning a higher return on ads depends on how your Google AdWords Campaign is set up and the time you are using in optimizing. Consequently, if you want to earn a quality score from Google AdWords advertising then, avoid making the below mistakes.

Which are the Google AdWords Mistakes you need to stop making?

Avoiding Negative Keywords

Google also has imperfections. Even when the best keywords are picked, then, also the ads will be shown in the irrelevant or redundant searches. Considering if your keyword is "marketing", then, there are chances that your ads can be shown next to those searches that are related to groceries, vegetables, etc. Here negative keywords help! It does not let you pay for the redundant searches.

What you have to do is to start including exact phrases or broad keywords in the Google AdWords Campaign or group. Let's say if you have to advertise a digital marketing company, then, you can add "sales", "software", and "groceries", as negative keywords. Or, if the campaigns are in use for a long time, check out the terms searched and include non-related searches for negative keywords.

Considering generating traffic is the sole aim

We call it a misconception rather than a mistake. Most of the time, users overlook the significance of different traffic levels in campaigns, considering that traffic is the only answer.

As the site owner, you can examine the numbers and know that organic visits are higher compared to paid visits. If they pay more for SEO than Adwords, how can that be? The only objective is undoubtedly to convert and create queries; therefore clicks are not measured equally. The valuable Adword Campaign will influence the customers who are about to buy and are more valuable for your business. So, six to seven such types of clicks are more profitable than those that are not buying and abandoning their purchase.

Lacking landing page optimization

Your ads are valuable, your bidding amount is correct, and you are closing the right amount of customers. But! Is your site getting converted? If not, then, it is not right for your business.

Although, the manner in which things are fixed, you have to face the consequences. That is to say, if you are failing to get converted, then, it will come to the notice of Google. Then, suddenly you will have to pay for those visiting your website.

The essential factor of Adword is to confirm that your site is fully-featured. When the visitors will not get whatever they require and require a spoon-feeding, then, they are likely to move. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that the visitors have to perform fewer activities when visiting your site.

Wrong Bidding Method

Have you come across the term "PPC brand bidding"? If so, then, you need to be cautious.  This defines the process in which the marketing executive plays well and engages traffic directly from your competitors.

PPC brand bidding is another name for Brand Bidding. Using it, you can bid on the popular and suitable keywords of third parties (competitors). Considering so, those ads will display that includes your business name as a searching keyword.

For that, you need to keep an eye on the keywords and monitor the market to find out those keywords that are grabbing attention. Keep your marketing tactic sharp and profitable and find the right power of digital marketing.

Neglecting Testing the Best Ad Position

If your aim is to enhance branding, then, it is best to be in the leading position of at least two ads. However, to achieve optimal results, it is better to be in the third, fourth or fifth position.

Now you might be thinking if this is actually true? If it is beneficial for a business to be in a low position? Yes! It is! The reason is that users tend to be satisfied with the first two searches. They may consider if they are interested or not! Whereas if your ad is in the third or fifth (or maybe lower) position, then, of course, it will not be their first search.

Usually, the users check out the screen side when they are not getting whatever they are searching for. It means the ads on the side are simply the filters. Those who are interested in satisfactory results will select the ads and give their visit to your website. Occasionally, even on the third position and in the sidebar confirms a more suitable outcome.

But one piece of advice here is to test the right ad position. You cannot predict which position is useful. Most of the time the position at the first two searches is advantageous, whereas sometimes, the third or fourth position ensures satisfactory results.

Concluding Remarks

This is all!

Making mistakes is possible in Google Adwords Advertising. This article defines those that are common and could be avoided with powerful strategies.

But, also consider that with a single mistake, your business can face issues that you cannot afford. Choose a reliable digital marketing agency to know all the ins and outs related.

Have you also made the above mistakes? Or are there others? How have you evaded them? Let us know!