YouTube Analytics - Optimize Video Performance

You are actively posting on your channel and unaware of the impacts on videos. To check out these impacts, you need to Understand YouTube Analytics. YouTube Analytics work wonders when it comes to business boost.

YouTube Analytics

By understanding these metrics, we can Understand YouTube Analytics work efficiently. Some people do not like to scroll down through graphs and long excel sheets of data. Good news for such people. YT Analytics is easy to understand and analyze. There are options to choose from. You can only choose the option you need to know from. YT analytics is easy to understand and user-friendly.

According to statista analysis of 2022, the topmost YT subscribed channel is T-Series with 206 million subscribers and Like Nastya is in 10th place with 89.2 million subscribers. As for YT, it is in 2nd place after Google.com. YT app is on 4th rank after FaceBook Messenger, FaceBook and WhatsApp. These stats show that YT is more popular than Netflix, Amazon Prime or even Hulu.

YT subscribers and videos surged the most during COVID. Lockdown time was the best time for channel owners to capture the maximum audience. Let’s discuss how you can utilize this tool.

  1. You can use it to check how many viewers are fetching the content.
  2. How much time do they spend on every video, like 20sec., 30 seconds, etc.
  3. The crucial thing is which content is surging more than the rest.

Top 10 Metrics of Youtube Analytics

Now you can quickly determine which metrics you need to view. The next thing to learn is which metrics have been introduced by YT. They are mentioned below.

1. Information On The Population – Demographics

Knowing who you're going after and who's watching your video is critical to its success. YouTube's demographics data includes information such as the nations and places where your viewers are located, the ages and genders, the times and days they are most likely to watch your videos, and more.

2. Traffic Source

YouTube search, suggested videos, channel pages, direct visitors, views from external sources, and others are all examples of traffic source categories.

Additionally, you'll be able to observe viewers' behavior from each of the three sources. Using these stats, you can learn more about the people who have watched your videos. The more traffic your blog generates to YouTube, the more you might consider including video content in your blog posts.

For example, if you click on "YouTube search," you'll see what search terms brought viewers to your videos. You can also see which sources had a negligible impact on your opinions and then work to improve them.

Your “YT SEO” may need to be improved if you have a low number of views from YouTube searches.

Another possibility is that a few views from Suggested videos indicate a lack of interest in what you have to say. If your videos get a lot of views, YouTube may recommend them to people interested in the same type of content. The deeper you go into the data, the more exciting things you'll find.

3. Observe the Passage of Time – Watch time

Having a lot of views on YouTube is great, but having a lot of time spent watching your videos is even better. Your video's "watch time" is the total time viewers spend by viewers on watching. YouTube's algorithm uses this measure to determine the quality of your content. If you spend more time watching your video, you're more likely to appear in search results and as a suggested video. Each video's watch time can be analyzed and compared to its duration.

These questions will help you reach a decision:

  • What are the most popular sorts of videos?
  • What are the most popular types?
  • What are your theories as to why this is the case?

To improve your future material, considering the variations between high and low viewing times can be helpful. Examine videos having a long watch time within a given season. If one video does well, you might want to make another one like it next year if it's a seasonal one.

4. Subscribers

The viewers show interest when they click the "Subscribe" button. As a result, they are more likely to view and watch your new videos. In YT Analytics, you can see subscriber count and how many subscribers are earned and are lost throughout a particular period. You'll also be able to observe which videos helped you gain subscribers.

Which particular videos have helped you get a large number of new subscribers? Who is to blame for the drop in subscribers? You can improve your content by analyzing these modifications. For example, if more people watch lengthier movies, you should make more of them. Subscription sources can also be viewed. It tells how your material was discovered by the subscribers.

YouTube Analytics

Nonsubscribers might also be compared to see what motivates subscribers. You could, for instance, look at data like the amount of time spent watching and the percentage of the video that was seen by each of these two groups of viewers. If the video is only 45 seconds long, thirty seconds indicates something entirely different.

5. Top-Rated Video

There are numerous videos on YouTube that end with an image of another video that you can watch. The graphics on the page are meant to persuade viewers to stay on the page and watch more. This measure tells you about which screens had the most clicks.

End-screen elements presented, clicks on end-screen elements, and clicks per end-screen element can be seen by selecting "See More" from the engagement tab. Consequently, you'll be able to spot the videos that have a high retention rate.

What is it about one end screen that makes it better than another? Make use of what you've learned here in other videos.

6. Top Cards

Promoting other YouTube videos or your website is easy using card elements. Card element metrics include information on the number of card clicks, the number of cards displayed, the number of card clicks per card, and many the data below:

  • What is it about these cards that makes them so effective?
  • Are some videos better suited to the use of cards than others?
  • When is the best time to use cards in a video?
  • Why do some card teasers work better than others?

You can get to the bottom of these pressing issues by digging further into the data provided by these indicators.

7. Profits – Revenue

Ads on YouTube are critical to generating cash. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to run YouTube advertising. In order to achieve these goals, please pay attention to your metrics and use them as a guide when creating amazing content.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the YouTube Partners Program's revenue portion of statistics.

  • What are the highest-grossing videos of all time?
  • How do they vary from the low-earners?

With a deep dive into revenue analytics, you may discover the answers to these questions and many more.

8. Location

It could be done if your brand permits it and you have many viewers from a specific country or city. If you're trying to promote a local product but finding that your videos aren't getting seen in your area, it might be time to reevaluate your keyword strategy.

9. Age and Gender

Having an idea of who your target audience is can help you generate material that is both relevant and appropriate. Creating entertainment for an audience of 13 to 17-year-olds would be counterproductive, right?

10. Retention of Viewers

Another important YouTube indicator is audience retention. This metric measures how long a viewer spends watching a video and when they stop watching it. There are two types of audience retentions:

  1. Absolute
  2. Relative

As a percentage of your video's views, "absolute audience retention" shows how many people watched your video from beginning to end. Comparing your video's relative audience retention to other similar YouTube films might give you an idea of how well it's doing.

It is a crucial YouTube Metric to consider when trying to improve the performance of a video. Using this indicator, you may identify where your viewers are losing interest in your video so that you can adjust your material accordingly. The most popular and least popular moments of your video material are revealed by audience retention. Build and share content that keeps viewers glued to your videos using the insights from audience retention to achieve 100% viewership.

YT Analytics – “How To” for Beginners

Crucial metrics are Reach, Engagement, Audience and Revenue. One can easily find these metrics by following these steps:

  1. Go to YT Homepage
  2. Find the top right corner and click your profile avatar.
  3. A menu will open and you will see a list of YouTube accounts.
  4. From the list, select the YT Studio option and click it.
  5. A dashboard will open.
  6. On the left side, you will see a menu option.
  7. This menu has different options. One of them is “Analytics.” Click It.
  8. This will show you your channel’s performance.
  9. The dashboard has an overview. It shows Views, Subscribers, Revenue and Watch Time.
  10. The crucial analytics are Engagement, Audience, Revenue and Reach.

By default, YT shows a complete analysis of 28 days. Suppose you want to check the performance of a video during a certain period. For example, you posted a video 2 days ago. You want to see how it performed in the last two days. You can click “Real-Time Reports” and check the performance live.

These steps are easy to follow if you are a beginner. These are easily comprehensible metrics not only for the channel but also for each posted video.

If you are a pro, you will know where the desired button, “Advance Mode” is. If you want to see a comparison of your posted videos, you can also view that in that mode. You can check it by clicking the “Compare to” button.

Now the question for beginners will be, “how many videos can be compared at a time?” You can compare only two videos or one video with a few others at a time. If you only need to compare one video’s performance in different times, you can do that too.

You can add or exclude a metric to the metric filter’s option. For this, you need to click the “+” button. YT allows to keep data by exporting it. You can download the data using a download button. Choose a file type you want your data to be in “Google Sheets or .cvs file.”

Final Verdict

Any successful YT strategy relies heavily on the use of YT Analytics. With the help of the tool's helpful filters, improvements can be made.