What is The Difference Between Instagram and Insta Pro?

Instagram has approx. 1.5 billion users each month, with six hundred million of those watching Instagram Stories, reels every day. Three hundred million users visit at least one business profile a day, and one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses. In short, Instagram has a vast audience, just waiting to be utilized.

Insta Pro

Professional Instagram accounts will provide you with extra call-to-action buttons and extra space to provide contact details and your business address, which will increase your customers' ability to get in touch. Now You will be able to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Pro account.

Any person who creates Instagram Pro account is almost like the middle ground between personal and business. You will also receive more advanced insights & Flexible and powerful InstaPro Feed makes it easy to showcase your Instagram feed your way, and give your pictures the perfect look.

How to Switch to an Insta Pro Benefits

It’s free to get an Instagram pro profile, and you'll have access to advance and exclusive features that will help you manage your brand's presence.

  1. You will get an upgrade in your Instagram bio.
  2. You can do post-scheduling.
  3. Accessing Instagram insights
  4. Setting up an Instagram Shop is easy.
  5. Advertising options are accessible.
  6. You can create quick replies.
  7. Approve branded content tags.
  8. You can Add the links to Instagram stories.
  9. Manage your messages in a better way.
  10. Gives a boom to your profile

What’s Different between Instagram and Insta pro?

There are some features that you will notice you no longer have access to when changing to a Professional account that you need to consider before making the switch.


It’s not worthing anything that if you’re looking to have a private Instapro account (and therefore not grow your brand and exposure), then you can only do this through a personal Instagram profile.

Organic Reach

Personal Instagram accounts tend to have a higher Organic Reach than Insta Pro ones as it’s Instagram’s way of putting their consumers first. If you want to increase their reach then Businesses are expected to ‘paid promotion’ and invest in the platform.

Instagram Insights

You can check ‘Insights’ into your content, audience, and activity by using Professional Instagram accounts.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to an Instagram pro Profile

  1. Schedule Instagram Posts with an Instagram pro Profile
  2. Insta pro Profiles Can Track Performance with Instagram Insights
  3. Instagram pro Profiles Can Share Links in Instagram Stories
  4. Insta pro Profiles Can Grow Their Reach with Promoted Posts & Instagram Ads
  5. Make Money with Instagram Shoppable Posts
  6. By using all the features of Instagram Pro you will be able to grow your complete engagement.

Instagram Creator vs. Business Account: Which Is Right for You?

You will get puzzled over whether to set up a maker or business account if you have numerous Instagram users.

You will learn about the benefits and features of an Instagram business and creator account in this post. Preferably, when you are finished comprehending it, you will have a brilliant thought about which sort of Insta pro account is suitable for you, as well as how to move for account types.

The Three Types of Instagram Accounts

There are three types of accounts: personal or individual account, creator account, and business account. All of them have their features, benefits, and limitations.

Instagram offers three sorts of records: creator records, individual records, and business accounts. Each of them has its benefits, features, and cutoff points.

Although numerous people prefer individual records, this is not the best choice for someone who wants to include Instagram for business or possibly promoting purposes since they don't offer Instagram Analytics or API access. Thusly, as an individual record holder, you would not have the option to check your plan posts, presentation, or get altered hashtag thoughts using Hashtag Expert.

By choosing Insta Pro with a maker or business account, you will be able to use power tools and full features and the ability to obtain. Instagram business and maker accounts share a great deal practically speaking. Both, for instance, allow you to:

  • Add products and sell them on Instagram.
  • Schedule posts ahead of time.
  • Add action buttons.
  • You can track the content and performance of an account by using the Analytics of Instagram.
  • Leverage Instagram Graph API.
  • You can track the hashtag performance which is necessary for your business by using hashtag expert. This will help you in getting more likes on Instagram.
  • By using the command app you can also track your performance as well as your competitor's performance.