Picuki: Ultimate Guide to Picuki Instagram Editor and Viewer

In today's world, Social media is one of the best platforms for promoting your products. There are many companies, which are using social media especially Instagram for selling and promoting their products.



Picuki is a viewer and editor app for Instagram that allows you to see and alter your photograph. You can see the Instagram stories, tags, followers, posts, profiles, and even the location of Pocuki users as well. Picuki is a free tool and you don’t need to pay anything for using it.


Instagram photos can be directly uploaded and shared with others. Users can easily find the account of another by simply typing the profile ID of other users. Even you can see the list of person who has shown an interest in your photo. You can even track the hashtag, stories, and different activities of the user, who follow you.


Downloading the stories and posts is also possible with Picuki. As Picuki is a Web-based tool, there is no need for an account on Instagram for using it. Users can get favorable results due to its easy interface. You can search the number of individuals simultaneously using Picuki.

The Person who doesn’t have an Instagram account but wants to see the profile on Instagram can use Picuki.


Ways to use Picuki:


  • Open the official website of picuki on the web
  • Sign up process is not necessary to use this app.
  • In the search bar, type the profile Id of the desired person.
  • If the setting of the account is public then you can see the stories, videos, and pictures.
  • For a private account, you have to make 'follow' request.


Ways to remove content from Picuki:


By changing the setting on your Instagram account from public to private, you can hide your content to appear publicly. You can also contact customer care service for not getting to appear on hashtags. The remove option is also present on its official website. Just open it and fill out the form. As your request will be processed you will not appear on “autumn falls Picuki “.


Popular Hashtag Search Tool


Pikuki is considered the popular search tool for the hashtag. Searching for photos, videos and profile is easy with the proper use of a hashtag. Searching through the hashtag is also popular on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.



Downloading the post on Instagram is also easy with a single click. Just open the app and do sign in, and type the post name with the hashtag. A list of the related search will be appearing. Choose your desired post and download it for further use.


Some Merits and Demerits of Picuki:




  • With just a single click you can see the account of hundred people.
  • There is no need for signup.
  • Picuki is available free of cost.
  • You will get the trending hashtag feed at the top.
  • Downloading is easy and safe.
  • Numbers of features and filters are available freely.




  • It does not keep a record of your likes and searches.
  • You can’t remove the content from Instagram.
  • The version of this app is only available for Apple users.
  • Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can’t be accessed.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Picuki:


Q: Is Picuki the same as the Instagram search engine?


Ans: Picuki is almost the same as the Instagram search engine and finding the posts and profiles of other users is also very easy. You can also do the resizing and editing of a picture by using pocuki. Modification of content is also easy in this app. Video downloading is possible but you can’t edit videos with this app. On Instagram, you can check the number of trending hashtags with a single click.


Q: Is Picuki free?


Ans: The additional feature of this app is that you don’t need to pay anything for it. Just by signing in, you can use this app. After signing in you can enjoy the other features of this app like other social media platforms. If you are a smartphone user and want to download this app then you can easily find it on Google Play Store.


Q: Is Picuki legal?


Ans: Yes, this app is completely legal. You can be surfing this app securely.


Q: Can we block a user in Picuki?


Ans: Yes, it is possible to block someone on picuki. First, click on the user profile page. Then in the upper right corner, click on the three dots. A dropdown list will appear. Click on the ‘Block’ option.