How to convert PDF to Excel free on Mac

While PDFs ensure data protection, they are not always easy or pleasant to modify and manage. If you're working with a document that has a lot of numbers and equations. Those PDF files will usually need to be converted to a more editable format, such as Excel. This makes PDF convenient and easy to work with the data appropriately.

PDF to Excel

However, there aren't many solutions for converting PDF to Excel on Mac. Fortunately, this post will showcase the top methods to convert PDF to excel spreadsheets successfully without losing the quality of the data. Before moving to the solution, let us discuss some reasons to change PDF files to Excel.


Reasons to convert PDF to Excel format

There are certain reasons for converting PDF data to Excel format depending upon the users. The main factor behind the PDF to Excel conversion is maintaining and manipulating the records in an easy way. Converting a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet instead can save you time and help you avoid the difficulty that could plunge your productivity.

  • It is easy to maintain data accuracy when users import PDF to Excel.
  • Users can automate tasks they repeatedly do by using Excel.
  • Excel prevents any accidental alterations of the data in the table.
  • Data analysis is becoming simpler and more reliable when users convert PDF to Excel.
  • Users can create a timesheet by using Excel’s time and date feature.

You can not edit PDF data without importing it into an editing tool first. And, after it's all done, formatting mistakes can happen that could additionally slow down your task. Now, we proceed to the methods to convert PDF to XLSX.


How do I convert a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet?

PDF files can be easily produced from other file types, such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Converting the other way is a little more complex, but this can be done in Microsoft Excel or with a free online converter. But the free converter only works till a specific quantity of data. Excel on a Mac operates in the same way as it does on Windows, but you must use Excel for Mac software.

There are two methods available to convert PDF to Excel free on Mac.


Method 1: Import PDF data into Excel manually

Start by saving the PDF file as a text document that Excel can read.

  • Open a PDF file in Adobe Reader and click on the File menu.
  • Choose Save as Text and select a location for the file and press the Save button. This saves the PDF to a text file (.txt). 
  • Launch Microsoft Excel on your Mac and select the Import option. 
  • Choose the file type (text file) to import and press Import.
  • Navigate and pick the text file you just saved and select Get Data The "Text Import Wizard" will be launched.
  • To prepare your data, go through the wizard's pages. Select the type of delimiter for your data (the method by which values in the text are divided) and the column format for the worksheet.
  • Select the needed selections on each of the wizard's three pages by clicking next to proceed.
  • When you've finished the wizard, press the Finish button.
  • To import the data into an existing blank document, select Existing Sheet and click the OK button.
  • This will save the worksheet.

Method 2: Convert PDF to Excel using Mac PDF Converter

PDF Converter Tool for Mac is the most advanced and trustworthy method to convert PDF to XLSX. Users can convert single or bulk PDF files into Excel sheets without losing text formatting. It is also known as the professional method through which users can convert encrypted PDF files with zero data alteration.

Follow the steps sequentially in order to convert PDF to excel spreadsheet.

  • Download and Run PDF converter tool for Mac. 
  • Select the PDF files/folders that you need to convert and open with Mac PDF Converter.
  • Now choose the destination path and press the Next button. 
  • Select Excel as a saving format and click the convert button.
  • Finally, your PDF files get converted into Excel format with original formatting.

A professional PDF Converter for Mac also converts PDF files into various Images, Words, SpreadSheet, and Webpages formats. Hope you understand how do I convert a PDF to Excel without losing formatting. The manual method has some limitations for which it is not considered the best solution.


Downsides of manual methods to convert PDF to excel spreadsheet

The manual method or method 1 is very complicated to import PDF to excel and will take a lot of time to produce output. This method is only convenient if you are having only a few PDF files to convert. Coming to the bulk conversion of PDF data into Excel, it won’t work better as a professional solution.

Some limitations are mentioned below-

  • Users can not convert password-protected PDF files into Excel.
  • Bulk conversion of PDF files is not possible using the manual method.
  • There is a chance of data alteration if the steps are not performed correctly.
  • Users might face problems while converting PDF attachments to Excel spreadsheets.

Due to these factors, many users like to go with the second method i.e., a professional Mac PDF converter. Hope your all doubts have been cleared and you can choose any one of the following methods as per your needs.



In this article, two methods are discussed to convert PDF to Excel with reasons. Both, the manual method and professional method have been well defined with the steps. The manual method to change PDF to excel is a lengthy process and time-consuming when it comes to bulk conversion. It has some limitations, and to eliminate such limitations, users can go with a professional Mac PDF Converter Tool. It saves lots of time and human effort by giving 100% accurate results with no data alteration.