What Is A Webinar? How Does It Work? What Are The Top Webinar platforms?

Webinars have become a powerful tool to reach out to a maximum number of audiences at one time. Today we can see webinars are widely used by the majority of sectors. According to many researchers, the number of webinars has just doubled, earlier or before the pandemic. Due to their convenience to organize and ease to access, they have transformed the traditional method of communication.


Let's move ahead in the blog and know what exactly is a webinar? and how does it work? And where can you host webinars?


What is a Webinar?

The webinar is made up of two-word web seminars. Webinars are online seminars. It is a way of interactive communication where the presenter can deliver a presentation to a large precisely targeted online audience from one location. Webinars offer many interactive features like chat, polls, Q&A, asking a question, and many more to keep attendees active.


How Does It Work?

In webinars, presenters generally via audio-video tools deliver their presentations to the audience. Using several tools like chats and Q & A, the presenter interacts with the attendees and can solve their queries related to the content of webinars. Using screen share and online whiteboard webinars can be more effective and productive. Webinars are generally used for educating and training audiences. Moreover, Webinars nowadays are used for online marketing of products and demos.


Top Platform For Hosting Webinars:

Mixhubb: It is one of the best webinar platforms where you can host interactive webinars. It offers an intuitive setup where you can, effortlessly within a few minutes, host a webinar.

Mixhubb is a self-manageable platform allowing users to manage their complete webinars from themselves. Mixhubb provides you with a 3D interface that replicates the in-person experience.

This browser-based platform is also a customizable platform where you can customize online venues and your event. It also provides a customized registration page to drive more registration. Users can easily create, design, and modify their event website according to them to attract the attention of attendees. To keep attendees engaged, Mixhubb has multiple features like chats, polls, Q&A, and many more, that successfully hooked up attendees to the webinar. It also offers you networking tables to facilitate the ease of networking via audio and video calls. It makes your webinar more interactive and productive and it also has several features like screen sharing, recording, push images, handouts, quizzes, public and private chats, etc.

With its robust data analytics, you can analyze the performance of webinars and get insights into the webinar.

Not to mention, Mixhubb is one of the best affordable online conference platforms, which is also a Subscription-Based Online Event Platform.

On24: On24 is another webinar platform where you can host immersive webinars. On this web-based online platform users generally host sales and marketing-driven webinars. On24 provides an easy to use yet powerful setup for various types of online communications. It is a multi-device accessible platform, enabling users to access it from any device. It has multiple features like a multi-language translator, gamification, reporting, and many more. On24, allows organizers to engage audiences with its multiple interactive features like polls, chats, Q&A, etc.

Zuddl: Zuddl is one of the popular online conference platforms where you can host webinars, online events, and hybrid events. It offers you an easy-to-use setup where you can effortlessly host immersive webinars. It is also a customizable platform where you can customize nearly everything. To keep attendees engaged it has several features like chats, polls, Q&A, AI Matchmaking, etc. Additional features of this online platform include a breakout room, pre-book-meetings, gamification, badge management, audience engagement, event management, event marketing, etc.

LiveWebinar: It is a cloud-based webinar platform where you can host webinars and online conferences for both small and large teams. LiveWebinar enables the marketing and sales team of the companies to host productive webinars effortlessly in no time.

Its features range from customized branding, agenda management, and desktop/browser sharing to attendee engagement features like live chats, recording, polls, voting, electronic hand raise, etc.

Other notable features of this online platform include internal meetings, document sharing, multi-host, social promotion, meeting room booking, and many more.

Big Marker: this is also one of the popular online platforms where you can easily host interactive and engaging webinars. Along with webinars, you can also host online events and hybrid events on this web-based platform. It is a browser-based platform, so for accessing this platform there is no need to download additional software. According to your requirements, you can also customize the virtual venue for a more personalized experience.

It also supports automated and recorded webinars. Other notable features of BigMarker include access control, API, activity dashboard, alerts, notification, customized email, recording, screen sharing, polls, etc.

Zoho Meeting: Zoho Meeting is an online conference platform where you can host online meetings and webinars. It offers you a simple access setup. Zoho Meeting is also a scalable platform where you can host a webinar of any size.

It is also a browser-based platform, enabling attendees to join the webinar directly from their browser. It allows users to share their screens for effective interaction. Zoho Meeting also enables users to record and share their web meetings with the attendees who can not make it to the online conference. It also allows users to get comprehensive reports on webinar registration, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A. Attendees can also download the document in XLS and CSV form.

WebinarJam: This is a cloud-based broadcasting technology where you can reach up to 5,000 attendees in one presentation. Up to 6 presenters can give a presentation on this web-based platform.

It is a browser-based platform, where attendees are not required to download any other software for accessing this platform. Also, WebinarJam is a multi-device compatible platform, attendees can access this platform from their desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

It provides multiple customized branding opportunities. It offers High Definition, 30 FPS, high-quality video and audio broadcasting. Additional features of WebinarJam include live chats, file sharing, on-demand webinars, recording, automatic transcription, alert and notification, etc.

So this is all about this blog about webinars and the platforms where you can host webinars. You can use one of the above-stated platforms for hosting your next webinar.