Apple’s Impact on Modern Technology and Society

Where would we be today without the smartphones in our pockets? Decades ago, that might not have been much of a concern. Smartphones then were chunky, featuring an entire QWERTY keyboard, limited screen display, and barely any internet connectivity.

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It was the reality that people knew. It was how the world was, up until January 8, 2007. Because the following day, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world.

Since that day, Apple has been a global technological force. It capped 2021 off with a 56% smartphone market share.

The iPhone is just one of Apple’s many devices impacting the world and how people use technology. Back then, people just wanted a device to connect them to the internet. So, Apple developed products that fulfill their consumers’ modern needs. The brand’s gadgets are now known to have easy-to-navigate interfaces, high-quality design, and a trusted reputation.

With growing revenues each year, it can be safe to assume that Apple has played a significant role in shaping how society is today. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s impact on the world and its consumers.


How Apple Impacts Society

Besides being a big player in the tech industry, Apple has expanded its brand to mean more than simply being a “product manufacturer.” The company stands as a leader and advocate that empowers its users through bold actions and innovative products.

Going Green

Apple has become one of the largest companies leading the charge for promoting sustainable practices and helping fight climate change. It has completely dedicated itself to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The iPhone 13, for instance, has 100% recycled parts—even the phone’s antenna lines are made from upcycled water bottles.

On a larger scale, Apple Park, the 175-acre company headquarters in Cupertino, California, runs on 100% renewable energy. To give you a better idea, the main building—or as the company calls it, “the spaceship”— is 2.8 million square feet and is one of the most energy-efficient buildings on Earth.

The company’s dedication to fighting climate change highlights how forward-thinking and modern the brand is, encouraging its consumers to become more environmentally conscious.

Thinking Different

Apple operates on a powerful, two-word philosophy: Think Different.

An example of how its innovations rippled the industry was when the brand decided to ship the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack in 2016, which many believed was unthinkable.

Despite industry backlash, Samsung, one of Apple’s most intense competitors, dropped the headphone jack for their Galaxy Note 10 in 2019. This phenomenon pushed the world towards using more wireless tech.

The same happened when Apple stopped shipping a power brick with their iPhones. Apple is undoubtedly a catalyst for technological advancement, representing the future of tech.

Empowering Users

With a philosophy like “Think Different,” it’s no wonder professionals want to use Apple products for work. Apple devices are ideal for people who want to create things and impact the world around them.

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study by Forrester Consulting found that organizations that used Apple devices experienced 104 additional hours of productivity.

An Apple device can make you feel like you’ve got the tools you need to get things done. It’s why such devices are so ideal for building a productivity system.


3 Reasons Why People Choose Apple

Between 2020 and 2021, Apple increased its revenue by $91.5 billion, reaching $365.8 billion. These numbers show that the company clearly understands its consumers enough to make their desired products.

There are three possible reasons why so many choose Apple over other brands.

1. The Hardware

Hold any Apple product, and you’ll instantly see the company’s dedication to design and the environment. In 2015, the company shifted from aluminum to 100% recycled alloy they developed. The new hardware still meets all their high standards and is now being used for more and more Apple devices.

Apple doesn’t skimp on the internals of their devices either. For instance, Apple unleashed their M1 chip for their desktop line of products in October 2020. It’s the first of its kind: a 16-billion transistor system on a chip (SoC) designed specifically for the Mac.

The M1 chip delivers faster CPU and GPU performance while being efficient enough to last 2x longer than previous-generation Macs.

2. The Software

Where Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems have found themselves in the hands of many manufacturers, Apple OS is exclusive to Apple alone.

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It means that the only way to use cutting-edge features such as Siri or the innovative health and fitness tracker is by using an Apple product.

The company is so dedicated to its operating systems that even older Apple devices tend to be able to run on the latest OS updates. The iPhone 6S, for instance, which is a phone launched in 2015, still receives iOS 15 support in 2022.

According to Macs4u, buying refurbished laptops and other Apple devices can be a viable alternative if you’re looking for a new device. You’ll save money and get the same experience as the latest Apple devices, but you’ll also join the company in reducing environmental waste.

3. The Ecosystem

With control of its operating system and hardware, Apple has created an ecosystem with its devices through what it calls “Continuity.” With this feature, each Apple device subsequently strengthens the others seamlessly.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine you have both a MacBook and iPhone. If you receive a message notification on your phone, it’ll appear on your MacBook, too. You can even reply to the message on your laptop without picking up your phone.


Wrapping Up

Even if you may not be an Apple user currently, you can’t ignore Apple’s impact on technology and society. The company’s bold strategies and innovations have helped develop its untouchable reputation as an industry leader.

You can feel their commitment to consumers with every Apple product you hold and use. Their customer service and satisfaction are rated among the highest in the industry. Even Apple refurbished products have been favorable for their consumers, encouraging zero-waste and helping the fight against climate change.