How Can I Use Spotify Pie To Find My Spotify Stats?

Thanks to a recent add-on called Spotify Pie, Spotify users are now more organized and aware of the genres of music they like. Before, users of Spotify had to wait a year to access their listening history through "Spotify Wrapped." You don't have to right now; download the "Spotify Pie" app to better arrange your musical journey.

This add-on provides you with a gorgeous multicolored pie chart to examine your listening habits. Spotify has a yearly "Wrapped" function, similar to most other music streaming sites, but it now presents your listening history more frequently in the form of a Spotify Pie Chart.

Use Spotify Pie

This article has all the information you need to create your own customized music history on a Spotify chart. Discover where to locate your Spotify Pie App, how to use it, and how to create the most effective prompts within the app.

What Is a Pie Chart on Spotify?

With the help of an app or plugin called Spotify Pie, you can create a chart that shows your past listening habits and favorite musicians together with other musical genres. It is a pie chart that shows the artists, tracks, and genres that you have recently listened to on Spotify.

Your most-played songs are shown on a Spotify Pie, which creates a pattern of recommended playlists for you.

At that time, Darren Huang, a student software developer, developed the Spotify Pie Chart, which functions as a plug-in on top of the Spotify App. Even though Spotify Pie isn't currently an official add-on, a lot of people have accepted it and utilized it to calculate listening statistics.

Is Spotify Pie Safe?

Even though a lot of people have started utilizing this app to listen to Spotify, take your time logging into the website and creating your chart. The plug-in known as Spotify Pie enters your system as a third party, and it needs permission to view your listening history.

According to the App's private policy, it will be able to access your listening history from the previous month as well as the top twenty musicians and musical genres. It captures the sound of even the least popular music genre. It can access your user name as well.

But is it secure? It must be given the benefit of the doubt before you grant it access to the data. It does, however, claim that no one will empty your account because it does not have access to your payment information.

Users have observed that the app violates their privacy policy because it accesses their email, username, amount of followers, and profile image. The owner of Spotify Pie will not be shielded from legal action by the private policy if your information and identification are obtained and misused.

But there's no need to worry—you can withdraw access using the Spotify App's security section once you've gathered your statistics using the Pie Chart. Here's how it works:

  • Select the Icon of your profile photo, then select Security and Privacy, then Account.
  • Select Manage Apps.
  • Click Remove Access to stop Music Pie Chart from accessing your account.

Although the app is marketed as Spotify Pie, its true name is Music Pie Chart, which is what shows up in the app listings.

Using this app could put your personal information at danger. Once your chart has been processed, always take access to the Spotify App away. Additionally, after you log in, the tool will automatically sign you up for their newsletter. You should not use this tool if this annoys you.

Although there isn't any proof that this app has leaked personal information, it's still a good idea to be safe and take safeguards. Based on the facts in the article, weigh your options and make a choice.

How to Make a Pie Chart on Spotify

You have multiple options for making your Spotify Pie Chart. Two are highlighted in this article:

1. Using the Spotify website or app

One of the simplest methods is to view your Spotify Pie chart via the Spotify website. Take these actions:

  • Visit the Spotify Pie website and select the Spotify option to log in.
  • Click "Log in" after entering your password and Spotify username.
  • The Spotify Pie website asks for consent to access your listening history; select Agree.
  • It takes seconds for your Spotify Pie Chart to be created. When it's prepared, select View Your Spotify Pie. You've got it!

The end product is a vibrant pie chart with several spots displaying the kinds of music you enjoy. The top 20 musicians you enjoy listening to, ranked from most-listened to, are listed below the chart. The others come after in decreasing order.

Regretfully, there isn't a direct link to share your Spotify Pie Chart with friends via social media. Indirectly, though, is possible if you take a screenshot, crop it, and distribute it as a picture.

2. Employing the Tool Decktopus

Decktopus is a free web application that serves as an interface to provide easy platform access. Among its many features is a Pie Chart Maker. With the help of this function, you can make a pie chart that is visually appealing and will stand out when you post it on social media and with friends.

  • To use Decktopus to make a visually stunning Spotify Pie Chart, follow these steps:
  • Use the Decktopus website to log in. By logging in using a Google account, it is simpler.
  • On "Start From Scratch," click. This gives you the ability to alter your template as you see fit. You can also select one of Decktopus' suggested templates.
  • Select a slide from Decktopus' selection by clicking on Add Slide.
  • To begin creating your Spotify Pie, select Pie Chart. Decktopus is integrated with the Spotify Pie website, making the procedure easy to use.
  • Your eye-catching pie chart is prepared! Select your favorite colors, fill in the necessary information, include the artist number in the list, etc.

Final Words

Spotify Pie into the picture and did a great job of summarizing. Nevertheless, Apple users are not able to use this program. Apple restricts access to its platform and won't provide third parties access. Furthermore, Apple Music users do not have access to a comparable plug-in. To enjoy the Spotify Pie Experience, you might need to utilize a different piece of software.