12 Best Motion Graphics Videos That Will Inspire You

Video content will always be the most effective way of conveying a brand's message. More than 70% of marketing professionals agree that videos have shown positive results in terms of ROI.

While the competition is getting higher with so many forms of videos, motion graphics videos, always make their mark if done correctly.

Brands prefer motion graphics because they combine creativity with complete learning or data.

Motion graphic video

Not only are motion graphics fun and memorable for the audience, but they bring results. They have the power to increase sales by 90%, and that is huge!

So what is a motion graphic video?

It is pretty simple to understand motion graphics. It is a combination of moving pictures and animation in one frame. Depending on the requirement, these could be done using 2D animation or 3D animation.

Motion graphic videos use graphics, animation, sounds, and text in a versatile manner, whether for storytelling or explaining a concept.

Over the years, brands have created some trending motion graphic videos. Let's have a look at some of them.

Top Motion Graphic Videos You Can Copy!

Google Cloud IoT Solutions by Google

When it comes to marketing videos, Google never disappoints!

The strength of this motion graphic video is the easy-to-digest content of such a complex topic. A beginner can easily understand how digital data can be a great addition to their physical store.

Along with the narration, the animation in the video engages the customers until the last slide.

Rise of Bitcoin

The video is developed to make the concept of cryptocurrency simple for beginners. Besides making it easy to understand, the two-minute video has made it engaging with outstanding visuals. It is an excellent motion graphic video style where viewers won't have to google the technical terms while understating the futuristic nature of Bitcoin.

Combating Discrimination by Airbnb

Airbnb's inspirational approach to identifying and stopping discrimination is shown most exceptionally in this motion graphic video. Apart from the artwork and animation, the video explains how the data of every user is secured.


DigitalOcean has successfully explained how its cloud platform helps manage and scale apps. The short yet captivating video creatively explains the concept of cloud management with incredible motion graphics. The monochromatic color pallet, illustration, and voice-over perfectly match to make it as impactful as possible.

Slack: Communication Without Chaos

Slack can inspire one when talking about the best motion graphic videos. The video is animated with geometric shapes, and the colors are taken from the logo to reflect the brand—a classic example of launching a global SaaS product that lasts long in the audience's mind.

Ahrefs: SEO Tool for Ranking

Ahrefs needs no introduction. They have been leading the industry with the best marketing tools, and no wonder why their videos are flawless.

The motion graphic explainer video  showcases how the Ahref SEO ranking tool outranks all the competitors. In addition, the simple yet engaging video and narration completely indulge potential clients in wanting to know more!

ScribbleLive: Content Marketing

ScribbleLive is a popular content marketing platform with millions of users worldwide.

The Video for ScribbleLive has a simple illustration with colorful animation that doesn't look complex. It informs about the platform straightforwardly and attractively. The video holds you to the end with its engaging narration and captivating graphics.

The ABC of Architect

This is one of the best motion graphic videos I have ever seen. Everything about this Video is beyond perfection!

The video shows the greatest architects of all time with graphical animation of the buildings and the name of the celebrated architect.

The old-school music and vintage visual aesthetic make the video engaging and shareable.


Chipotle is one of the famous fast-food chain burritos, salads, and bowls. Despite carrying emotions, the video showcases the start of animal cruelty and how it changed everything.

Promoting sustainability, the brand has incredibly used background music inspired by Coldplay's The Scientists. Clean, engaging, and subtle, the video is full of animals taking the customers to a different mood.

Nest Renew

Nest Renew from Google is a service for your compatible Nest thermostat that makes it easy to support a clean energy future. Maintaining the climate is an initiative with Nest automation.

Nest is known for its best-in-class home automation products. They provide software to control your smart gadgets from multiple devices safely. The video is designed to promote the Nest Renew-combating climate change. It is hard to miss details with lively animation and actual products integrated into the video. The Green colors, shapes, and balance of its voice-over cleverly convey the message.

Reddit Mobile App

Reddit launched its Mobile app with this light-hearted motion graphic video. They have done a great job with the overall appeal with a funny narration, enjoyable graphics, and relatable scenarios. Brands can get inspiration from this video for their website promotion or digital product launch.

That One Time by Redbull

Redbull has always surprised its audience with amazing videos you can remember at any time.

Professional racing driver Mark Webber narrates the video of 'that one time.' Webber tells how his dad left the laptop at the airport, and it gets more exciting with every moving picture.

The quick-moving graphics make you as excited as the guy looks while sharing his story. This is indeed among the best motion graphic videos by Redbull.

Wrapping Up!

Motion graphics are one of the video types you might encounter daily; most are brand videos. In addition, most social platforms automatically promote videos that offer value and engagement.

Therefore, motion graphic videos should be incorporated into any business's marketing strategy, whether gaming, awareness, education, advertising, or software. There are plenty of inspirational motion graphic videos by big brands. You can get an idea for your brand videos that helps you convey the right message to the right audience using motion graphics.